Bedroom Design Trends for 2016

Redecorating your bedroom can be really beneficial to your well-being. Whether you want to bring more Zen into your life, spice up your relationship or are just ready for a repaint, the new bedroom design trends for 2016 are sure to wow. Take a look at them below and get inspired to better your boudoir today:

Hazy Greys

An increasing trend in bedroom design is the colour grey which has dominated the home wear magazines this season. From pale hues to darker feature walls grey is everywhere and it’s not as bland as you might think. It’s the perfect colour to choose to go with the minimalist trend and open doors to introduce a variety of other colours. Keep it looking super chic and clean with white bedding and introduce other textures like a wooden bedframe and a shaggy throw in darker grey shade to build up the look.

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Natural Materials

There’s been a re-emergence of natural materials being used in the home gradually throughout the house. It’s finally reached the bedroom and it seems to be a trend that’s here to stay. From wooden slat panels mounted on the wall behind the bed to stripped back and varnished wooden floors, it’s time to bring nature into the bedroom. Plants are hugely popular in interior design at the moment, so introduce the trend gradually with a few cute small plants on the windowsill or buy a feature plant like a Yucca. This trend tends to look better with plain walls in natural colours such as creams and white so stay away from wallpaper.

Sleep Sanctuary  

If you’re wanting to create a more peaceful vibe in your bedroom now is the best time of year to introduce pastel colours ready for spring. Pastels can be over powering if you throw more than one into a small room so choose a single colour in a pale shade. A lilac or peach colour works really well for looking new and trendy and you can use as much or little of it as you like. From a feature wall to pastel accessories and plain walls, there’s so many different ways you can introduce pastels to your pad.

One of the main bedroom trends for 2016 is minimalism, whether you love colour or not you can still incorporate this into your bedroom. Think lack of clutter, clean lines, simple silhouettes and you’ll be well on your way to creating a bedroom you’ll love so much you won’t ever want to leave.

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