Beauty And The Beach: Essential Tips For The Perfect Body.

When you hit the beach this summer, you’ll want to both look and feel great. In fact, you’ve probably already started planning your summer wardrobe and prepping your body for the beach.

But you’ll also need to protect yourself from the sun and sea during your beachside stay. The heat, the chemicals and the wind can play havoc with your complexion, dry out your hair and leave you feeling exhausted.

So here are some easy to follow tips to ensure that you return even more radiant than when you left.

Beauty And The Beach: Essential Tips For The Perfect Body.License: Creative Commons image source

Skin care

If you’re out in the sun day after day it’s crucial to look after your skin. The sun’s rays can cause serious and long lasting damage that, once done, is not easily fixed.

The easiest way to protect your skin from the sun’s effects is of course to avoid it all together. But if you’re just arrived in the Med for two weeks of tanning that is somewhat unrealistic.

You can minimize the effects by wearing high SPF sun cream and reapplying it regularly, and by avoiding direct sunlight during the midday heat. Sunglasses with built-in UV protection with help shield your eyes, and prevent you from squinting.

Remove your make-up as often as you can during your holiday. Your skin can easily become blocked up with all of the various creams applied during the day, so using a good cleanser and exfoliator will help your skin to breathe a little but more.

If you love going for a swim in the sea or hotel pool, make sure that you rinse after every dip. Chlorine and salt can dry out your skin and even cause it to become irritated.

And at the end of every day spent relaxing on the beach, reward your skin with a generous coating of a good quality moisturizer. This will not keep you looking fresh; it will also help your skin to recover after a day in the sun.

Beauty And The Beach: Essential Tips For The Perfect Body.License: Creative Commons image source

Hair care

Just like you skin, your hair is sensitive to hot temperatures and nasty chemicals. If you’re in and out of sea all day your hair can dry out easily, so rinsing it with clean, fresh water at regular intervals is very important.

And just like your skin, try and keep your hair covered, especially in the midday sun.

On the beach your hair is being exposed to the sun all day, so try not to add any more heat to the equation through straightening or blow-drying.

If you can, make do with fewer washes or if you wash regularly, try just using conditioner as shampoo will only dry out your locks more.

Before you even pack your bags and head for the beach, try to make sure your hair is in tip top condition by using some deep conditioning lotions in the run up to your trip. If you can, keep using them every three to four days during your holiday as well.

Nail care

A beach holiday is a great opportunity time to show off your perfect nails. But in order to keep them in good condition you’ll need to give them a little bit of holiday TLC.

Beauty And The Beach: Essential Tips For The Perfect Body.License: Creative Commons image source

Just as with you skin and hair, salt water, chlorine and heat are a problem for nails. Using a good quality everyday nail cream will help to keep your nails and cuticles in good condition and prevent them becoming brittle.

If you’re invested in a manicure before your trip, it’s worth remembering that heat can bake nail polish into your nails, leaving you with unwanted colour tints when you come to remove it. You can prevent this by applying two layers of base coat and by choosing a lighter coloured polish.

So in between tanning sessions on the beach this summer, give your skin, hair and nails and bit of love and care. You’ll be well rewarded for your efforts when you arrive home with nourished hair, perfect nails and an enviable tan.

An article by Samantha who enjoys visiting the hair care site at Merritts.

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