Cosmetic Beauty Products Health Side Effects. Why You Should Avoid.

Beauty seems to be the most sought after want/need of the human race. Apparently, everyone is in search of something beautiful; a beautiful life, soul, partner, house, car, child or skin, the list is endless.

What do you think beauty is?  How deep would you dig to feel beautiful?

Beauty products, manufactured to satisfy an ever demanding market, are just part of what we can buy for beauty.

With products such as tattoos, body lotions, deodorants, perfumes, make-up and skin care, synthetic hair, bleaching, surgery and transplants, you can enhance your image/beauty as you wish. some of those beauty products are dangerous.

Cosmetic Beauty Products Health Side Effects. Why You Should Avoid

Effects of beauty products on your health.

Before using these products, have you considered the health implications, effects on you and your lifestyle, their advantages and disadvantages?

Do consider the following ;

  1. Your skin composition: Some products such as bleaching, make-up and other skin care products, alter your skin or hair, changing its colour, either permanently or temporarily.  Ingredients found in such products are manufactured to alter your skin’s chemical balance, changing your colouration. For some, this effect may be well adapted to by their skin, others are not as receptive. Chemicals in these products may be intoxicating and can easily damage your skin cells. These effects results in you eroding the beauty you were trying to enhance.
  2. Allergic reactions: With some procedures necessitating joint use of products, the chemical overload on your skin may result in patches, altering your image negatively. Some products cause inflammation on your skin cells, allergic reactions and increase the risk of infections. Products manufactured using chlorine cause allergic reactions that result as rashes and rapid ageing of the skin. With beauty enhancing solutions such as piercing and tattoos, ornaments worn or the dyes/inks used respectively, could cause severe allergic reactions in your skin. Metal ingredients such as lead have an inflammatory effect on the skin and cause blemishes and scarring.
  3. Infections: Application of beauty products should be done carefully. In the event they come into contact with sensitive body parts such as eyes, nose and mouth, you risk severe infections. With tattoos and piercing, open wounds are prone to infections. To avoid bacterium development, these wounds are dressed, with proper treatment procedures recommended by professionals. With some products irritating your skin, they may leave rashes and wounds. These increase the risk of infections. Sterilization is therefore important while undergoing such procedures.
  4. Severe health implications: With some products containing harmful ingredients such as coal-tar, lead, mercury and magnesium, they have fatal effects on your health. Some of these ingredients are carcinogenic; can lead to cancer types such as bladder cancer and cancers of the circulation system such as multiple myeloma and non-hodgkins lymphoma. They can cause birth defects, reproductive impairments. In women; altered pregnancy outcomes while in men; it results in low sperm count and even genital deformities.
  5. Psychological effects: Depending on the expected results, some products could affect you emotionally and mentally. Products such as tattoos and piercings are a personal taste that its liking could change later in life. Then, it may not appeal to you as it did before and you may decide to remove it; another procedure.  With make-up, deodorants and such, they could result in dependency, such that without them, self-esteem is compromised, not feeling fulfilled without them. With the need to stand out of the crowd, beauty products could be addictive and mind occupying.
  6. Dangerous and painful: Tattoos and piercings are a painful procedure. Time taken to complete certain procedures, with others taking hours, could leave you fatigued. If done unprofessionally, in the procedure a blood vessel could be torn resulting in bleeding. With some piercings done on the tongue, eyes and lips, they could damage your teeth enamel, making feeding really difficult while you recuperate. Where anaesthesia is used, you stand to experience the effects of it such as drowsiness.
  7. Financials: Beauty has a price and its sacrifices. Supporting a beautiful lifestyle is an expensive task. Some products, if you do not plan for them, could strain your finances. Products such as spa treatments are costly and being satisfying and fulfilling, the need for more could result into hefty unnecessary bills for you to pay. This habit could leave you and your lifestyle uglier in the long run; that’s if you cannot afford it, consistently.
  • Beauty products contain chemical ingredients, depending on your skin type, these ingredients can be harmful or useful.
  • Understand your skin type, your health condition and your lifestyle in general before experimenting with beauty products.
  • Have an understanding of the quality of the product, how it works and how you should use it.
  • Check expiration dates and quality assurance marks too.

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