Bathroom Technology That Will Pamper You!

Bathroom technology has reached new heights and it combines simplicity, luxury and relaxation, all in one pampered package.  Let’s take a sneak peek at some techy toys that will make you want to remain in the bathroom far longer than you should.  The word ‘bathroom break’ will take on a whole new meaning.

Audio Showering:

Showering should be more than just listening to the water flow; and now it is.  Audio showering says ‘adios’ to cranking up your radio just so you can hear it while showering.   The water from your showerhead may not actually be able to pump out music or podcasts, but if you didn’t know any better, you might think that was the case.  With a wireless speaker system, you can listen up to 7 hours of your favorite audio by using an innovative showerhead that utilizes a built-in speaker.  Once the 7 hours of playing time are exhausted, you simply recharge the nifty gadget using the provided USB cable.  The player, itself, is magnetized and is designed to securely snap into the accommodating showerhead.   Once your shower is over, the audio component can be removed so you can continue to listen to your favorite selections.  This radical radio is in competition with, yet, another watered wonder—a shower radio that literally attaches to, and becomes a part of, the water line.  But here’s the kicker:  this audio device produces power from the flowing water.  Yes, there are no batteries, no electricity, no recharging—your favorite broadcasts or tunes are only a water flow away.  Once your shower is over, it provides the option of continuing to play while it utilizes the shower power it has stored.

Bathroom Technology That Will Pamper You!LED Bathtubs:

Yes, LED bathtubs that are so beautifully lit, you’ll never want to exit.  LED lights are generously embedded in dramatic and theatrical ways; and these techno-tubs are breath-taking when lit and include halo-gene light systems and multi-chromatic, or more-than-one-color, LED lights.  One can choose a single color light experience or choose all 16 lights which are powerful enough to light up the whole bathroom.  For more serene moments, the lighting system can be automatically dimmed using a programmable wall switch.  An on-board mini-computer allows the pampered bather to choose a variety of ‘color-cycles’ for color-therapy.  Self-indulgence is the name of the game; and be prepared to soak and forget the rest of the world for a while!

Digital Showers:

It would be hard not to feel a little overly pampered with this lavish item.  Digital showers take the fumbling, estimating and guess-work out of trying to achieve that perfect water flow and water temperature.  With digital showers, you don’t even need to get out of bed to active your water since you can turn it on before you slide back your covers.  Even if you are 30 feet away, one touch of a button on the remote will customize your pre-set temperature and pressure; and all that you need to do is step inside without adjusting a thing.  A computerized, LED-lit panel attached to the shower wall will deliver the same tailored perfection.  Different members of your family can enjoy the extravagance of their own made-to-order shower, as well; and simply pushing their ‘own’ button on the remote or panel is all it takes.

Whether contacting Clearwater Plumber in Forth Worth or one local to your area, finding a competent company for installation should be a breeze.  Bathroom technology—you might just feel a little guilty for being so pampered, but the indulgences will prove to be worth it!



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