Say no to backache and yes to healthy posture!

Backache is one of the most common problem of working individuals sitting for long hours on desk and also for those moving around recklessly due to hectic work schedule. Backache can be experienced at just any age and if proper care and prevention measures are not taken then it can become chronic in long run. The cold weather brings more painful encounters of backache but the fact is that unhealthy posture and wrong eating habits together cause this health problem.

If you are worried that your work is the root cause of backache and there is no solution to it then you are wrong, as certain easy to incorporate lifestyle and posture changes can make your back flexible and strong.

Say no to backache and yes to healthy posture

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Causes of backache

Before you jump to any conclusion regarding this problem, take a look at the possible causes of backache so that you can come up with appropriate solution. Common causes include,

  • Wrong sitting posture which can turn out to be big disaster if continued for a long time.
  • Erroneous limb movements that may affect the spinal column or the surrounding muscles.
  • Lifting of heavy weights which may damage the muscles by exerting unnecessary pull.
  • Problems related to kidney and urine function.
  • Inappropriate bowel movement which may lead to back pain.

There are many other reasons that together constitute to back pain and hence one may either try to avoid the above situations or adopt an alternative healing procedure.

Symptoms of backache

When we talk about backache, the symptoms are related to shooting pain in lower or upper back. Some people may also experience issues with passing urine. In case of damage caused to spinal column, the person may also experience numbness in the lower part of the body.

Treating backache with exercise and lifestyle changes

Most of the reasons for experiencing backache are physical and would require proper posture while sitting, standing and sleeping to avoid backache. Other than the above reasons, there are many other nutritional, neurological and lifestyle issues that together contribute to backache.

Some of the common lifestyle adoptions to treat backache are;

  • Exercise – Exercise will keep your body agile and muscles strong. Backache can be treated with professionally guided stretching exercises that will offer extra strength to your back muscles and hence protect your back against further damage.
  • Nutrition – Little deviation in nutritional intake would reflect in the form of health issue. Lack of vitamin D and calcium would also trigger backache. Include more protein and calcium in your diet to get the healthy bones and muscles. If your diet is not wholesome then take the nutritional supplements to meet your body’s nutritional needs.
  • Hot water bag – Heat therapy or hot water bag when applied to the back muscles would relax the stiff muscles. Relaxed muscles face lesser sprains and hence would help you avoid backache successfully.
  • Alternative therapies – Acupressure, Acupuncture and Yoga constitute to the alternative therapies required to avoid backache by strengthening back muscles. You would need professional help and the results would be long lasting as these therapies will address the root cause of backache and offer you the wholesome cure against the condition.

All of the above therapies and treatments would make backache a history for you and get you the healthy and flexible back that would never hinder your activity level.


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