How to Avoid Stress When Moving/Relocating; Avoiding Movers Extra Fees.

The whole process of a house or an office move is extremely stressful and it can be quite overwhelming, but the moving day is definitely the toughest point. It’s when most damages can happen, when you can be charged extra for all sorts of things and the day you realize you could’ve done things in a better way. However, fearing the moving day will only make you even more stressed and worried. If you have chosen to pack your belongings on your own, then once the movers arrive with the moving truck you should be ready with all your boxes packed and properly labeled.

If you aren’t ready and the movers have to wait for you to finish packing and organizing, they will charge you an extra fee. Same applies for the parking lot – if there isn’t enough space for the truck to park easily or if there is a long distance between your home and the truck, expect an extra fee for that too. All of these small charges will raise the bill and make you even more stressed. If you want to avoid that How to Avoid Stress When Moving/Relocating; Avoiding Movers Extra Fees.stress, then you need to be prepared that any obstacle on your side on the moving day will result in an extra charge. This is not something the mover is obliged to tell you when giving you the initial quote and signing the agreement, but you can be sure that they are observing every detail closely and you will be the one paying extra.

If there are stairs or an elevator to your home and the movers have to use them to move your furniture and boxes, this will be added to the bill too. If you have some help and enough time, you might as well take most of your belongings outside, where the movers can simply load them into the truck. Understand that the better you are prepared for all these little details the easier it will be to reduce the stress on the moving day.

If you are moving with pets, make sure you have done all the necessary arrangements prior to the moving day. Before the movers arrive, take your pets to a room that’s been emptied out and keep them there during the moving and loading. Remind your neighbors of the move a day earlier and ask them to park a bit aside so there is enough space for the moving truck. Moreover, if the access for the vehicle is not sorted out this will lead to slowing down the moving process which will affect you too. Before the arrival of the movers, make sure you remove all items from their way to avoid tripping hazard.

On the moving day it gets really hectic and you risk injuring yourself or a mover if there is clutter all over the place. Wear comfortable clothes, have enough snacks and drinks and breathe deeply. Try not to stress over every little thing and leave the professionals to do their job. After all, that’s why you’ve hired them. Offer the movers drinks – tea, coffee or water. Being considerate to these people is not that much of a sacrifice.

If anything worries you, talk to the movers’ supervisor. He is there to make sure the job is going smoothly and damage-free and he should be able to answer all your questions. Make sure you keep a good communication with the mover and follow their instructions, these will make sure an easy house move and a stress-free moving day for everybody.

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