How to Décor and Design a Modern Bathroom: The Art of a Daily Bath.

Imagine a day without a bath. It might not sound too pleasant a thought for we are all rather used to bathing daily. If it isn’t a long ritual with loofah and scrubs then it might just be a hot shower. There is no reason one needs to give for having a bath. Hygiene, grooming and of course, the self-image we wish to project all result in this motivation. There are exceptions on this front like Titanic actor Leonardo who bathes rarely but not everyone is that committed to saving water. Actually, the bathroom facility is something that isn’t that old for our predecessors used pools, tanks and even communal bathing zones.

The modern thrust of society is on the person and privacy. The concept of communal bathing took a backseat and we find that after the invention of the metal, copper, a private bathroom was a much sought for experience. There are exceptions to this rule, like in Greece even during the 19th till the early 20th century, the concept of a private bathroom was foreign. After all, what was the sea for otherwise?

Be trendy and modern

Bathroom decor has diversified over the years and if unable to zero in on the style that most reflects you, it is best to opt for a blend of materials. If affordable, choose transparent quartz basins and stone bathtubs. Mosaic tile backsplashes and contemporary wallpaper too can help jazz up your room. A clawfoot tub can be an interesting blend of the old, pedestal basins can add luxury while wall mounted taps a neat finish.

The Art of a Daily Bath – Tracing the Genesis of the Modern BathroomFor the shower area, multiple shower heads positioned for a massage effect and a good frame-less screen can make the area stand out. Otherwise if there is space, a walk in shower is a must. Sink areas can be of metal if you want the industrial look while the spa look goes more with countertop basins. Vintage style faucets can add a touch of difference.

Prep up your old bathroom with easy upgrade solutions

Get the new range of metallic finish vanity cabinets as these will at once elevate any room to a contemporary style statement. The wall mounted design can save on space as well. These vanity cabinets can even be used as a countertop for your basin and for easy storage of vanity goods beneath your basin area. Towel rails can also be mounted on the side of the cabinets.

A music system or a mirror TV can make the bathroom more entertaining and you can enjoy a hot soak along with your favorite movie. Keep a row of scented candles on a ledge near the bathtub so that a spa effect is created. In this connection, some potpourri too can help. Soft fluffy towels stacked in wicker hampers and some soft fabric shower curtains also will add to the luxurious aspect.

As far as small details go, try investing in a few interesting items like a shell shaped soap dish or a globe shaped dispenser. You can also have a shelf made of glass mounted beneath the basin mirror for a more elegant touch.

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