How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Living Room

Arranging furniture in smaller living rooms is not as easy as you may think. The big problem in most cases is that the homeowners are interested in adding some furniture that is not appropriate or they simply want to add too much. The result is normally not great and the room’s interior design will suffer. The main idea in arranging home furniture in your small living room is to take advantage of what you have available and make the most of it. With this in mind, here are some pretty simple ideas that you can implement and that will make the living room look a lot better.

Using Visually Lightweight Furniture

When we have a small living area that we want to add furniture to, visual weight is something we have to consider. We do not really need to look at the actual size. Visual weight is what creates the eye impact when someone walks into the room. Generally speaking, pieces that have legs or light color furniture will appear lighter than the alternatives. Leggy chairs will not obstruct floor or passage views. This makes the entire space feel a lot more often. You can also consider glass coffee tables or metal coffee tables as they do not occupy a lot of visual space and do work great in smaller rooms.

Try To Use Neutral Colors

Neutral palettes are so useful when designing the interior of a small living room. That will naturally push pack walls, creating an effect of more space available. Eyes can easily roam throughout the neutral palette. The entire space will feel much more expansive.

Emphasize The Room’s Vertical Side

Shrink Everything

Most homeowners focus on the horizontal dimensions. This leaves one huge area that is normally underestimated or simply not use. Try to invite the visitor’s eyes to go beyond regular eye level. In a small living room try to put an emphasis on vertical lines through floor-to-ceiling draperies or similar options that will make you want to look all around the room.

Smaller Scale Furniture

You want to always choose the furniture that is in an appropriate scale when comparing with the room and the individuals that will most often use it. For instance, a smaller scale tulip chair with a good design is going to always be perfect for the smaller living room. The same thing can be said about various smaller scale tables. An armless chair can be a little heftier than regular chairs but the lines will make the small living room seem as if it is not as crowded as it really is.

Play With The Light

Natural lighting is the best friend of the small space in our homes. You can so easily take advantage of light in order to enlarge the living room space at a visual level. Combine this with pale colors or with white in order to increase room brightness. That is going to make light reflect and increase the visibility levels. Window treatments need to be simple and you want to be sure that the actual windows will not be blocked with heavy fabrics or complex patterns.

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