Different Lessons in Life and How To Live a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle.

I am sited in the upper deck of a restaurant and looking below, something peculiar captures my thoughts. Below are five tables with people of different ages and probably lifestyles too. All these persons have one thing in common, refreshments.

Healthy living tips, techniques, guidelines towards a healthier lifestyle.But that is not what captures my eyes, it is table number five, they are numbered so.

One table number four, there is a group of friends, probably long time friends. They are all laughing out loud, tapping each other and enjoying their moment.

On table number three, there are three persons; two middle-aged women and a young man, presumably a son to one of them. The young man is constantly being lectured and has a frowned face for that.

On table number two, there is a couple, young fellow on a date; they are sharing cake and flirting without a care of who is watching.

On table number one, there is another couple; this one is different from the other though. They have the same type of wedding ring on their fingers; they look bored, maybe of each other.

Each table has its own tale to tell but that is not what captured my attention at first, remember table five? It has a young woman sited all alone. Her beauty is captivating but that still is not what got me interested, it is a small paper she is holding in her left hand. On her table is a piece of cake; on her face is worry, dismay, an emoticon of sadness.

Taking a closer look at the paper she is constantly referring to as she uses her phone, I notice a few words that I have seen before. The white paper has some words I first saw in reproduction lesson. It only makes you wonder what the voice on the other side is saying; she looks dejected, angry, sad and uncomfortable.

Aside with the tables, do you see a pattern often replayed in our lifestyles?

We meet friends and as we should, enjoy every moment but how do you do it? Do you remember to stick to a recommended healthy living guideline or do you just live by the day?

We meet a partner; share the world without a care in the world. For those not so lucky, what we thought was good for us turns out to be probably a burden in our lives. What was so sweet and tasty then turns out to have made you add a few disturbing pounds you are finding hard to get rid of.

For those who probably know better, we share our experiences with other, those we see as if they are straying from the right path of productive living. For those who did not foresee what their actions could result into, diseases and health conditions occur at the moment and in a way you least expected.

Do you think before you make a lifestyle choice? Do you mind ignoring some good sweet stuff for the sake of your health or do you go ahead and live it up?

Better decide, make a choice to live a healthier lifestyle before you become a statistic.

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