Are they Cosmetics or Food Items for Lunch?

Cosmetics were previously derived and extracted from chemicals. Those chemicals used to do more damage than the beauty that it caters to. Good cosmetic companies use less chemicals even in those days.

Organic cosmetics are the new in and for the past decade or so, their popularity  is continuously growing because of many a factors that include little or no side effects for the skin itself as well as less dependence on chemicals doing more bad than good for the skin.

Organic cosmetics of various brands now include food items such as Apricot, Cucumber, fig, coconut, almonds and different food flavors like vanilla are as well used to give them a taste and refreshing smell.

Body wash’s such as from the House of Bath and Body works, now comes in more than 7-8 different organic feeds. Sugar coated lip balms, which are the specialty of Lev Glazman’sFresh lip balms, now comes in yet 7 other organic flavors , that would not only make your lips feel good about themselves but as well if you push your lips inside after applying those lip balms, you can taste the rich warmth that those balms offer.

Are they Cosmetics or Food Items for Lunch?What we talked about above were the food flavors that the companies opted to put inside of their branded cosmetic products and now the same companies and many more entering the market in modern times are moving one step ahead with “food based” products. These companies are marketing these cosmetic products at a large-scale on grounds of being according to them “organic”, “natural” and even at times quite safe to chew.

100% Pure, the organic beauty brand based in California, is of the opinion that their organic cosmetics nourishes one’s skin from outside the same way as the food included in them when eaten, does to the skin and body from inside.

Lipsticks, anti-aging creams, scrubs, makeup removers, face and hand wash’s and even shampoos are now coming in organic flavors claimed to be chewed as well as used. The food items used in such cosmetic products are as claimed by the cosmetic companies, so pure just like when you use them as your food, that if for some reason while using some organic product as cosmetic, it flows to your tongue or inside your mouth, then you won’t have to spit it out or clean it out immediately. Well, now you can chew them down the way you use the food items in your regular lunch or dinner and eat them.

Celadon products such as salt and sugar scrubs are said to be literally edible. Same case is now regularly happening with products from Major cosmetic brands.

Though many of the psychologists are of the opinion that applying such food based cosmetics on your skin doesn’t make you crave for that smell even more rather it makes you move farther away from the smells and tastes that you regularly apply to your skin.

Whatever happens, now it’s getting difficult to differentiate between food and cosmetics but at least now, days of worry regarding damage to your skin by using cosmetics are becoming less and less.




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