Are Hair Transplant Procedures Right For You?

As people get older, many tend to have thinning hair and receding hairline. This is a problem quite common among men as they age, but it can affect those who are young as well. Too many people take their hair for granted, and they do not do anything to care for it through much of their life. Once it starts to go though, the hair becomes the focal point of the morning routine and a point of embarrassment when many look into the mirror.

Those who do not want to deal with hair loss may want to consider hair transplant procedures.

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What Are Hair Transplant Procedures?

The first hair transplants started well over five decades ago, and while the techniques today are similar, they are better. The transplants today look better, and they are far more successful. The basic concept of the procedure is to take a thin strip of the scalp that has follicles on it from one area near the back of the head and putting it on the area that has thinning or no hair.

Of course, it is a bit more complex than this. The doctor will take the removed scalp and then divide that strip into smaller grafts. At that point, he or she will transplant them to the front of the head by creating a number of small holes in the scalp and grafting those pieces into the holes. Check this very detailed post here about the differences of FUE/FUT hair transplant procedures which are the most used today.

The hair transplant procedures are routine today, and they will often happen right in the doctor’s office using just a local anesthesia. Most of the time, these sorts of procedures will take between four and eight hours to complete. Depending on the amount of hair that you want to add to the front of your head, it might actually take more than one session. This is something you can talk about with your doctor.

What Happens After the Hair Transplant Procedures?

After the procedure, it is safe to say the scalp is quite tender. The doctor will prescribe some pain medications to help deal with the pain. You will also have to wear a surgical dressing on the area for the first couple of days. After several days, most people are fine to go back to work.

This is important to note. After the first few weeks, the transplanted hair will actually fall out. This is normal. At that point, the follicles will start to grow new hair within a couple of months.

The Costs

The costs of hair transplant procedures vary based on a number of things, including the doctor as well as the amount of hair you need to transplant. Most of the time, the costs will be out of your pocket as well, as insurance will not likely cover these procedures.

What Are the Risks?

While most people will not have any trouble at all, there is always the risk of infection. Some of the other risks include scarring, and unnatural looking hair growth. It is important to work with a great doctor. Check this related post from NYtimes about the risks of hair transplant procedures.






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