Looking Forward for the New Apple iPhone 5 Features; Iphone 5 Release

Looking Forward for the New Apple iPhone 5 Features; Iphone 5 Release

A little over one week to go until the all new iPhone 5 is unveiled officially by Apple at the media event they have scheduled for September 12th and rumors are flying around faster than ever. What exactly is the new iPhone 5 going to have in store for us? It’s a very exciting time for any Apple fans.

We have been hearing of and seeing renderings of the new iPhone 5 for the past few months, maybe even longer. The new iPhone is a highly anticipated device with a huge amount of hype surrounding it, so it gets a vast amount of attention from all the techno blogs out there.

So far we know a bit about the new device, including a bit about how the new device looks and stacks up compared to the earlier iPhone model – the iPhone 4S. In fact, we have a nice video which shows the new iPhone alongside the iPhone 4S so you can compare the two visually, side-by-side. Take a few minutes to watch the video below and get an idea of what the new iPhone is going to look like compared to the iPhone 4S from last year.



As you probably noticed in the video, the new iPhone is reasonable amount taller and slimmer than the iPhone 4S – making it a lovely size and shape. There had been rumours floating around of a curved back plate for the iPhone – this rumour has surfaced since last year when it was rumoured for the iPhone 4S, although it would be very nice to see a curved back plate, I’m not sure if that is something that will make it through to the iPhone 5. We have heard in the past that it can be hard to shape the glass so probably wouldn’t be done.

Apparently the new iPhone is going to be utilizing the Sharp Igzo screens, bringing superior pixel power to the iPhone. I hope that the new iPhone also makes use of something similar to Samsung’s Gorilla Glass – as my iPhone 4S screen and backplate both shattered during a mediocre 1m height fall from my desk onto carpet! Very disappointing indeed.

On top of the new iPhone, there is also the all new operating system too – iOS 6. This is very exciting in itself as it brings a whole host of new features and even a couple of all new applications. iOS 6 is going to be released to download on September 21st alongside the release of the new iPhone.

iOS 6 will be available for the iPhone 4S too, it’s not just for the new iPhone – old iPhone users will benefit from the updated iOS too.

What do you think of the new iPhone and operating system? Will you be updating to both as soon as they’re available? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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