Alpha Mom Baby Shower? Top 4 Gifts To Give!

Top Baby Shower Gifts for The Alpha Mom!

The alpha mom is the most progressive of mothers. From the time they realize they are pregnant, through their pregnancies and beyond, these mothers are all about figuring out the best way to balance their work and personal lives while being the best moms that they can be. Alpha moms are typically well-educated and tech-savvy, all seeking excellence in every facet of their lives. Here are a few suggestions for the perfect baby shower gift for the alpha mom!

1. Baby Literature Board Books

They are also known as BabyLit and are great gifts for alpha moms. They are intriguing and witty with beautiful illustrations to entertain babies of all ages, as well as the alpha mom herself. Research has shown that no child is too young for books. The earlier a parent incorporates reading to their children, the earlier the child will embrace looking at picture books and learning how to read.

In fact, some moms have reportedly begun to read to their children while still in the womb. Remarkably, unborn babies are said to hear their mothers and begin to react to their voices before birth. Additionally, progressive moms will understand and appreciate the ability to build a bond with their child by reading daily as a pleasant ritual.

Reading early not only enhances parental bonds, but learning reading skills prior to preschool allows children to improve their chances of success in school. Nurturing parents who read to their babies will help their children to develop the type of fondness for reading that contributes to their ability to learn, making them even more likely to succeed in life.

2. Versatile baby bouncers

Baby bouncers, like Bright Starts bounce bounce baby™, allow infants of alpha moms to have some of the free range that their mothers understand is so necessary to their development. For moms, these wonderful and useful items can provide hours of entertainment for infants during all the stages of their development.

Many bouncers have separate activity trays large enough to carry other toys. They also come with lights, sounds, toys and textures built-in for ease, added enjoyment and brain stimulation. The toys are designed to teach babies touching and grasping skills, as well as offer teething babies a way to soothe themselves with a toy within reach.

Baby bouncers employ the same motivation that training wheels on bikes do. Babies who are allowed to move their lower leg muscles also get much more exercise than those who are strictly allowed to play inside of a pen or smaller area. The more that a child is encouraged to be independent, the sooner they will develop walking skills.

3. Tech gadgets

From iPhones to Blackberries and everything in between, this type of mom embraces technology. While many moms may have a sound monitoring device, the video monitor is a game changer. This cool device is a great gift that will stand the test of time. It provides peace of mind for moms by providing a bird’s eye view into their child’s space, where ever that happens to be. For example, it can be placed near a playpen, bed or other area where the baby is kept safe. New babies can be observed and once they get older, parents can see what their kids are up to and instruct them to get back to bed – without even moving a muscle!

Alpha Mom Baby Shower? Top 4 Gifts To Give!4. Baby activity centers

Babies can run the gamut and it provides a great deal of stimulation and entertainment for the baby, which means more relaxation for a busy alpha mom. The options and activities are endless, and many come with balls, colorful items that spin, along with soothing and invigorating music. These devices are often included as part of a separate play yard or other useful item.

The best gifts for alpha moms are the ones that provide the greatest degree of stimulation and education for babies possible. The above gift ideas are just some of the many items available that are designed to make life easier for the ultra busy and progressive mother.



Nadine Swayne offers this article to inspire gift ideas for the alpha mom. Any item that can help a mom is a godsend, whether it’s a bouncer like Bright Starts bounce bounce baby™ or Babylit books for reading time. Innovation is always the key when shopping for an alpha mom!

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