Alcohol: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

You’ve heard the mixed reports, about how some beer is good for you or or about how wine is heart healthy. And, you’ve also heard about the fact that heavy drinking can damage your liver. There are good things about alcohol consumption, and there are bad things about it.

Drinking can be a lifestyle choice for many, but for some people it is simply a way to self medicate. Some people only drink when they are in social situations and some people only drinking when they are at home, while other people drink any chance they can get.

The Good

When you consume too much of anything it can be bad for you and even possibly harmful to your health. That same rule goes for consuming alcohol. Beer does have some health benefits, like fighting cancer and helping with indigestion, but that only comes with drinking it in moderation.

Beer is great for washing your hair as well, but it’s unlikely you’re doing that very often. A glass of red wine with a meal can be heart healthy and may even aid in weight loss, but are you able to stop at one glass? The good benefits of drinking can teeter very close to the line of bad.

The Bad

Drinking too much alcohol doesn’t just risk your decline into alcoholism, but it can also damage your liver, and it can even cause problems in your life. When you are relying on alcohol you may be pushing away your friends and family, and you could lose your job.

While drinking may be a lifestyle choice, if you go overboard it could ruin your life. Bad also includes the potential for binge drinking and even alcohol poisoning, which aren’t just issues for teenagers and can happen to adults as well. If you drink too many alcoholic drinks in a sitting it’s binge drinking and it can lead to both blackouts and possible poisoning, which can result in death.

The Ugly

The ugly comes when you are addicted, or in the hospital with a failing liver. Liver replacement is possible, but if you’re just going to drink the next one to death what’s the point? And, even with a new liver that doesn’t mean you’ll live all that much longer.

If you feel as though you rely on alcohol to get through the day and you use it to help with mood or life problems, you may be an alcoholic, and you may need to get help. Help generally comes in the form of rehab. Rehab offers numerous types of help and therapy for those that have become dependent on alcohol.

If you want a glass of wine, have one. Just know when to stop so you can do your liver a favor!

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