After Reading This You’ll Never Skip Breakfast Again!

If you thought skipping or skimping on breakfast would be a good way to shed weight, you need to wake up to the opposite is true. Feast on this.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a really simple trick that made us feel full of energy and sharp as a very sharp thing for hours on end? Well there is, and it is called breakfast. Many people give breakfast a miss because they think it will help them lose weight.

Research has shown that breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than breakfast skippers. This is due in part to the fact that eating a healthy breakfast keeps you feeling full for longer. That means you’ll be more able to resist a quick calorie-laden snack when you’re feeling faint at 11 a.m.

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Further studies have concluded that if you eat a high carbohydrate breakfast, especially breads and cereals, you’ll end up consuming less fat in your daily calorie intake than if you skip breakfast. This is of significance when you’re trying to lose weight. Breakfast eaters have been found to have lower cholesterol levels than non-breakfast eaters and those who choose high fat fry-ups.

Here are a few more good reasons why having breakfast makes sense. According to one study, volunteers who consumed a low-fat, high-carbohydrate breakfast reported feeling less tired and muddled than those who ate nothing or chose a high fat, low carbohydrate meal.

Studies on school children have shown that kids who breakfast show greater concentration in class, as well as increased problem-solving and verbal fluency abilities. This must also have some application to adults, as has been proven in tests on memory stimulation and breakfast eating. Adult breakfasters showed superior skills in memory tests than those who went without!

After Reading This You'll Never Skip Breakfast Again! Photo provided by: Guest blogging community

What should you have for breakfast? Fried food is out, apart from a once a week treat. But you have to promise to grill your bacon and not fry it and to choose low-fat sausages. Could you try poaching or scrambling your eggs without adding extra fat? Cereal, whether it is based on wheat, corn, rice, bran or oats, can be a good high-fiber, low-fat choice – with skimmed or non-fat milk of course.

Do check the label on the packet, as many cereals contain high levels of sugar. Muesli, despite its sandal-wearing, yoghurt-knitting associations, isn’t always as healthy as you might think.

Many brands contain vast amounts of sugar, not to mention tasty little additions such as chocolate chips. Go for sugar-free varieties. Cooked oats have been around for centuries – the Roman historian Pliny recorded how early Germanic tribes ate porridge. As the starchy oats are digested slowly, so porridge gives a steady release of energy that lasts for hours; it is one of the most satisfying breakfasts you could choose.

The soluble fibre in oats also helps to lower cholesterol levels. Prepare it with skimmed milk and it is very healthy and diet-friendly. You could try making it the traditional Scottish way with water, if you’re brave.

Wholemeal toast with a scraping of butter and little low-fat protein is a good choice, too. Muffins, croissants and pains au chocolate are not good. Frankly, they are just cake and have no place on the dieter’s plate.

Remember, a decent breakfast will make all the difference to your weight-loss plan and could make you a brighter, more cheerful person to be around.






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