After Reading This You Won’t Forget To Wash Your Hands Ever Again.

From small kids we are learned to wash regularly our hands and never to forget to do so before every meal or after going back home. Without doubt every kid is so fed up with those kind of reminding that they do this almost mechanically. Only as adults we realize what is the significance of this easy action – to wash your hands with a water and soap – simple but essential.

After reading this article you will inevitably change your mind or at least you will finally become aware of some tiny details concerning the importance of having clean hands .

On first look it seems like there are not many things that could happen, however just after few minutes you will be absolutely convinced of the consequences that dirty hands may have.

After Reading This You Won't Forget To Wash Your Hands Ever Again.Everyone knows that we carry thousands of germs on our hands which we spread to other people if we forget to wash them properly and just imagine how many other people won’t wash their hands either ? Funny, isn’t it ? Not so if you really imagine this cute little fact .

And that is the beginning so don’ t be so astonished. If we start with our favorite money , it won’t be a surprise at all. We use it every single day of our lives so we live in a constant contact with them. Did you know that on a one single bill you could find more than 100 000 bacteria. Stay cool …or don’t , just run and wash your hands because may be at that moment it comes to your mind the last time you touched money and you didn’t wash them . We suppose now you are so into the idea of using your card instead of cash ?

Cellphones or may we call them ”dirty phones”? Without any hesitation and now you will understand why .In times when we feel the cellphones as a part of ourselves it is of great importance to know what are the risks that they hide. According to some studies there exist tens and thousands of germs on our phones and it’s because of the heat they generate all the time .Could you possibly imagine that every single time you talk these germs stick on your hands and face – not very pleasant.

Next stop – the favorite toilet seat. Remember when your mammy said to wash your hands after using the toilet ..well we strongly recommend to follow her advise. Please, just take it as a rule because you could hardly imagine what a booming party of germs is taking place on the toilet seat. As we mentioned a party – do not use the set to have a nap after your hangover – even if looks the most tempting place on earth !

There are many diseases , some of them called even the diseases of the ”dirty hands”. The cold and flu viruses are a tiny problem compared to the serious problems you may come across if you show an inadequate washing habits. Catching salmonella, meningitis or if we going further hepatitis A is not the nicest thing that could happen to you. However very probable if you don’t take this simple action seriously.

Kids must be told all the time to wash their hands, but we as a grown ups are obliged to show a good example and be more responsible for our own health . Can we do this ?





Author Bio: As a hygienist of, July Minor loves to give useful advice to her readers. 

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