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If you would like to advertisement with us, please contact to us via email “” or contact form!

Funding is provided by third party advertising and affiliate compensation from several providers.

Third party advertising consists of relevant, targeted advertisements that are intended to supplement the information provided on Apparent Lifestyle’s website.

However, in some cases the advertisements displayed are based on automatic inclusion, and Apparent Lifestyle, its website and its author(s) do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made by these contributors, nor does Apparent Lifestyle , its website or its author(s) accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.

The products or ideas mentioned are not a warranty, endorsement or approval of ideas or products or their safety. Apparent Lifestyle, its  website and its author(s) disclaim responsibility or liability, directly or indirectly for any injury to persons resulting for the use or misuse from any ideas or products referred to or implied by any material presented.

Every effort is made to ensure that advertising and editorial content is kept separate on

Advertising will never have any influence over the content published. In the event that an advertiser is discussed in an article on, a full disclosure will be included.

The advertisements are clearly indicated. These adverts may include items that change frequently and Apparent Lifestyle, its website and its author(s) cannot necessarily recommend these items.

It is possible that some advertisements may even contradict the recommendations made by Apparent Lifestyle, its website and its author(s).

If there is advertising on this weblog, such advertising may employ the use of cookies or other methods to track hits and click-through. If you click on these advertisements, these companies may place a persistent cookie on your computer which may allow them to display further advertisements to you.

We are not responsible for advertiser cookies or how the information gathered through their use might be used. For more information about these companies’ separate privacy policies, you should contact the company directly. Should you have any complaints about the privacy practices of any of these companies, you should contact us.

Link/Banner exchange

Apparent Lifestyle does derive funds and displays advertisements from third party affiliate programs and banner exchange. This is clearly marked.

Advertisement space and pricing.

Apparent Lifestyle does accept advertisement placings and paid for articles.

Advertisement placing

Advertisement placings are limited to the sidebar, end of content and end of page only.

Advertisement placings are only accepted if the space is currently not being utilized.

Having identified space in on of the areas listed above, Kindly Contact Us for further negotiations.

We do our placings on a first come, first serve basis.

Paid for “promotional articles”.

We sometimes accept paid for promotional articles but only those that are still relevant to our theme and objectives.

We only accept articles that are related to our already existing categories.

We also only accept articles with a minimum 500 words.

We also regulate the number of links within. Here is a summary.

Our links guidelines are as follows:

  • 530 words to 630 words gets 1 external self-serving link to a relevant, complimenting URL.
  • 640 words and above words gets 2 external self-serving links to a relevant, complimenting URL.

* A relevant, complimenting link is one that adds more value to the article attached, through more related content only. We also do not link to “BAD” sites, determined same way Google does determine the quality of a link. Apparent Lifestyle retains all publishers rights. * We may add internal links to your content. *

For further negotiations, Kindly Contact Us.


We do not have a standard pricing mechanism for the above named opportunities.

Adverts and promotional articles are determined by several factors that route from the content itself.

Kindly Contact Us for further negotiations.


After you have Contacted Us, we will then re-direct you back to this page for the payment process below.

We will only go ahead and publish your content only after full payment.

Thank you.

Feel free to Participate, Share and Contribute further in Apparent Lifestyle.

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