Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Softphones

Frost & Sullivan surveyed more than 1,000 IT decision makers in the U.S. and Europe. Results showed that half of those respondents have implemented softphones in their organizations. In other words, softphones are rapidly changing the business communications landscape. But do you think that’s the right option for your business? Do you feel softphones are unreliable?

In case you haven’t deployed a softphone before, it is an application that allows you to use your smart device as an extension of your VoIP business phone system. Now, since we won’t go in-depth regarding VoIP, if you want to know more about IP telephone systems, try contacting the specialists at TelcoDepot. They helped us with this article and are a company well-known for providing free expert advice on telecom equipment.

Having said that, softphones are quickly becoming a must have tool to enable enterprise-grade mobility. As long as “road warriors” and on-the-go workers have an Internet connection, they are able to make and receive calls anywhere in the world. You and your staff will no longer be tied to your desks. You will be able to experience true mobility without compromising quality.


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However, using a softphone has its own advantages and things to consider. We hope this information will help you make a wise decision:


Cost-efficient: when you have a VoIP phone system and you want to upgrade its capabilities, getting a more advanced high-end system may not be the right choice. The latest cutting-edge phone systems can increase costs and are complicated to use.

Instead, with a softphone you will not have to make a significant investment. With the rise of the BYOD movement, softphones are an affordable, easy-to-use solution. You do not need to use your personal minutes. Bottom line: softphones are especially cost-effective for international calls.

Rich features: By using a softphone, you will be able to take advantage of most features of your VoIP phone system (if you already own one). Some of the capabilities you can use are: transfer calls, access to voicemail messages, make audio and video calls, record calls, send instant messages, manage presence and more.

Enhanced productivity: Once you’ve registered your softphone on your VoIP phone system, you can put that extension into groups, which allows your mobile staff to answer calls in groups. You can transfer calls and put callers on hold. You will not only be able to minimize the risk of missed calls since your team will be able to answer calls wherever they are.


Shorter battery life: Softphones wear down the battery of your cellphone, so consider getting a long-lasting battery. Make sure to disable your softphone when you are not using it- this will prevent your battery from draining. Research various options or get free expert advice on how to choose the right softphone for your VoIP phone system by contacting expert in telecommunications.

Connectivity Issues: Make sure you have a stable Internet connection; otherwise, you will experience issues. When possible, try to use a Wi-Fi hotspot for reliable bandwidth. If you experience connection problems, you may check your Internet connectivity and verify you use your correct username and password.

Not all features are supported: You cannot use all the functions of your VoIP phone system (these functions vary between providers). However, you will be able to use robust features designed to enhance mobility. To get the most out of your conference calls, your cellphone should have a built-in microphone and speakers.

Since softphones allow you to stay connected to your VoIP phone system from anywhere at any time, they are becoming more popular in the business environment. SIP client applications provide users flexibility, multiple features and mobility capabilities.

Without spending a fortune, softphones are a cost-effective choice for dynamic businesses. Despite of its limitations, softphones are definitely capturing the attention of business owners who are looking for an alternative to take their businesses to the new era of mobile communications.


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