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Discover; Transform, Share, Experience; Live the kind of lifestyle you deserve. Towards a healthier lifestyle.

Apparent Lifestyle is your one-stop lifestyle web magazine and your exclusive blogging platform too.

We provide diversified information about Your Health, Fashion, Beauty, Gadgets, Technology, Home Improvement, Society, Family etc.

We are not just your ordinary weblog.

We go a step further than just allowing you to “read and comment only”.

  • We allow you to contribute/author your experiences, story, insights and such through your own Apparent Lifestyle blog. [ Membership]
  • Through our forums, share, connect and network with other like-minded peers. [ Forum ]

As long as you can write in English, you are welcome. Be a member, register for a blog and share your content with the world from a platform ready for you.

Have your [] today. Register now and have your blog today. Go to [ Membership].

We are a general information provider, with content for the public, at least those above the age of 13 years.

Apparent Lifestyle is a community collaboration platform and not just your ordinary “read and comment only” weblog.

We are encouraging you to join and contribute to our growing community in any of the values that we represent. Share your experience, your story, your thoughts, your insight or just your time to read and appreciate content on this weblog.

Why such an exclusive blogging platform?

1.You can’t monetize a blog or a blog ( because it is free)

2. But Word-press is like the greatest blogging platform.

3. Do you want  to pay for your own domain in order to use and monetize your site and have all the extra benefits of a paid for blog ?

4. Here you can use (the paid for platform with all the extra benefits)  for Free AND Monetize your blog!

5. This is the best of both world and the bestest part is that it is free, easy to use and manage and also fast access to traffic too.

Slash the costs, keep and enjoy the benefits.

{ { [ If you want a, do Contact Us. We disabled the automatic way, we will set it up though within 24 hours. ]]

We prefer blogs and articles/content/posts that are informative, critical and those that offer practical remedies to the concerns that affect people on a day-to-day basis.

Get to comment, share you experiences by writing your own posts or just post your content and help a community member out.

So why does Apparent Lifestyle do and allow all this?

Let us just say, we do not want to have you go shopping all over and possibly not find what you wanted. Also, we do not want you shopping all round for different content yet you can have it all from a single platform. Let us make life easier together.


Images other than those provided for by a guest author or an apparent lifestyle community blog; here by including all other authors excluding the Administrator of Apparent Lifestyle and Apparent Lifestyle Community are courtesy of morgueFile Free photos under their license.

Towards a healthier lifestyle,

Apparent Lifestyle.

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