A Guide To Pre-pregnancy Lifestyle Changes.

Many women will undergo a change in their lifestyle whilst trying to get pregnant; this may be for a number of reasons. For those women who have been trying to get pregnant for several months, they may feel a change in their lifestyle will have a positive effect on getting pregnant soon.

For women who have medical complications such as diabetes or high blood pressure a change in lifestyle will be needed to make sure a future health pregnancy. Maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle for yourself will mean the pregnancy will have fewer complications than needed.

The final reason why women may undergo lifestyle changes before becoming pregnant is they want to make sure a healthy pregnancy with few complications.

Some lifestyle changes you may want to consider include:


The first change a woman should make is to her diet. When pregnant, maintaining a healthy diet is essential. You should begin cutting out bad foods before you get pregnant, this will make sure that you are in prime health when you do become pregnant.

Cut out bad foods that you eat on a regular basis, this includes:

  • Unhealthy take away food.
  • Food that is high in fat, salt and sugar.
  • Rare meat.
  • Fish that is high in mercury.
  • Soft cheeses.

Although some foods will not have a detrimental effect on your health, you may not be able to eat some of the named foods whilst pregnant so it is a good idea to remove them from your diet so you will be in a regular routine.

You will want a well-balanced diet of proper fibres, vitamins and starches. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake to make sure that you are consuming plenty of Vitamin C.


It is essential that you are in prime health before getting pregnant as this will reduce the chances of any complications during the pregnancy. A visit with your GP will be of great help before you get pregnant as they may give you some advisories on how to improve your general health.

General ways to improve your health can include:

  • Increasing your vitamin intake.
  • Improving your diet. Reducing the amount of unhealthy foods eaten and increasing the intake of healthy foods.
  • Increasing exercise activities.
  • Reducing your weight.
  • Increasing your weight.

It is also advised that women who drink alcohol on a regular basis should cut out drinking from their life. It can take weeks for alcohol toxins to be completely removed from the body, this is why it is advised that drinking alcohol should be stopped pre-pregnancy.

Quitting smoking is also a huge lifestyle change that should be considered before getting pregnant. Many women are especially motivated to quit smoking when planning a pregnancy as the detrimental effects of smoking when pregnant are well advertised. Women who smoke may find it more difficult to become pregnant than those women who don’t.

A Guide To Pre-pregnancy Lifestyle Changes.As well as completely changing your own lifestyle, it is also advised that you encourage your partner to change their lifestyle with you as this can help you live a healthier lifestyle with ease.





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