8 Things To Know Before Having Tattoo Removal.

8 Things To Know Before Having Tattoo Removal1.  You have Laser, Non Laser Removal tattoo removal and surgical removal.  All are semi invasive or invasive and either require a tattoo gun,  a Q Switched ND Yag laser or a scalpel.

2.  Tattoo Removal Creams Don’t Work! –  Don’t waste your money on creams that promise to fade your unwanted tattoos.  The ink is deep in your skin and no amount of rubbing creams is going to fade the tattoo.  These creams ask you to use the product for many months and often offer a money back guarantee which will never be honoured.  Don’t be taken in, they do not and will not work.  You are better off putting your money towards laser treatment.

3.  Tattoo Removal HURTS! – In fact, it kills!  Which ever method you choose, removing the tattoo will be painful.  Lasers create an explode the ink particles creating a popping sound.  Every time you hear that popping sound, you too will go OUCH.  Non laser methods use a tattoo gun to open the skin and get to the ink.  Surgical methods involved having the tattoo cut out. In other words, the ink comes out the same way it went in.  If it hurt having the tattoo done, there is no reason it should not hurt having it removed.

4.  The smaller the tattoo the easier it will be to remove.  If you have a sleeve tattoo you had done when you were 19 and 20 years later you want to have the whole thing removed and be left with pre tattoo condition skin….It’s just not realistic.  The commitment that it requires to remove a tattoo is not for the faint hearted both financially and in care and pain.

5.  There IS such as thing as Ink Poisoning and although rare, the larger the tattoo the more you need to worry about it.  Ink poisoning happens when your lymphatic system tries to cope with the ink particles that have been broken up by the laser.   If there are too many of them, your system could go into overload thus making you ill.

6.  No one can guarantee removing the ink without leaving a scar.  If you come across someone offering this, make your excuses and leave. The very nature of tattoo removal means that you are overworking the skin and that the chances of being left with pre tattoo condition skin is small to none.  The correct aftercare and keeping the area clean so that it doesn’t become infected is crucial to the correct healing of the area.  The one thing that we do know, is that the lighter the skin colour the better chance that you have to remove the ink with minimal scarring.  Dark skin tones have virtually no chance of pre tattoo condition skin.

7.  Lasers do not like colours other than black and red –  We still do not have the technology to remove green, yellows and most shades of blue.  Many different types of lasers exist but none can yet remove colours. In most cases colours can be faded but full removal of colours is not something that any reputable laser skin technician will guarantee.

8. There are no guarantees in the Tattoo Removal game.

Lorena Oberg is a tattoo and stretch marks removal expert and lectures internationally on the subject.  She owns Lorena Oberg Skin Clinics in London and Surrey.

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