8 Health Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene that Extend beyond Your Mouth.

Mouth can be considered as the main gateway to the other parts of your body. The bacteria that are present on teeth and gums have the probability of entering in to the body and affecting the health in numerous ways. Maintaining proper hygiene of the mouth is very important and so brushing and flossing should be done twice a day.

There should be certain care on the kinds of foodstuffs that you intake and it is better to avoid tobacco and food stuffs that contain sugar in it. Regular consultation with the dentist is very much essential to find out about the health hazards of having bad oral hygiene. It is needed that each individual should have basic idea about the need for maintaining a good oral hygiene.

8 Health Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene that Extend beyond Your Mouth.There are many health hazards that may occur due to the problems related with your mouth.

1. Heart Problems:-
The people who are suffering from diseases which are periodontal they are susceptible to conditions like ailments of heart and narrowing of arteries. These conditions arise due to the entering of bacteria into the gums. These bacteria have a protein which promotes the clotting process and it is this protein which is responsible for narrowing the arteries by clogging it. Narrowed arteries can gradually lead to various troubles related with heart.

2. Dementia:-
The teeth loss due to bad dental health can increase the risk of having memory loss and to be susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease in the early ages. This condition of memory loss is caused by the inflammatory substances that are released by the infection occurring on the gums. The inflammatory substances can cause the death of the memory cells. This can lead to the illnesses related with memory loss. If you do not maintain proper oral health, beware of going through the condition of memory loss and the related troubles.

3. Problems with Respiration:-
The bacteria that cause oral diseases can move through blood and can reach lungs causing various troubles related with respiration especially to those patients who already have problems related with respiratory system. These people are having the chances of developing acute bronchitis or may also suffer from pneumonia.

4. Diabetes:-
Diabetes is another condition that may be affected by the individuals who have suffered some form of diseases with gums or teeth. Diabetes can lead to infections and may lead to complicated risks associated with gums. There are many other complications related with diabetes.

5. Improper Functioning of Erectile:-
People who are having problems with teeth or gum also mat face troubles with proper erection. This problem is found less among those people who maintains proper dental hygiene. This condition is caused by the bacteria associated with periodontal diseases that travel through the blood vessels and make the blood vessels to genital get blocked.
6. Premature Birth:-
If a pregnant lady is having problems related with gums or teeth, then the baby is also susceptible to much trouble along with her. There are chances for the mother to give birth to the baby prematurely. The bacteria present inside the mouth of the mother can lead to troubles to the babies like breathing problems and infections. Inflammation caused by gum diseases can be overcome with the help of mouthwash which is antibacterial .

7. Issues Related with Infertility:-
The gum diseases that are present in a woman can be a reason for difficulty in becoming pregnant. Women with gum diseases may need more time to conceive to others who do not have such an ailment.

8. Cancer:-
Cancer is another condition that can be aroused due to some kind of oral diseases. Men who have diseases related with gum, are likely to develop various kinds of cancers which can be kidney cancer, blood cancer or pancreatic cancer. Being healthy orally is very much essential for staying healthy. The bacteria in the disease affected areas may lead to the condition of cancer.





This post has been written by Lisa Holland. She loves to write about Health and Fitness. She recommends for treating pain with facet block injections.

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