7 Simple Ways to Keep Pests Out

No matter how large or small, destructive or dirty, the last thing anyone wants in their home is pests. Prevention is key if you want to keep your property pest free and there are many simple, yet effective ways of keeping pests out of your house; whether you live in the suburbs with a large backyard, or a small high rise apartment in Manhattan. It’s important to get regular professional checks from an expert pest control company like Fox Pest Control, and in between professional visits, make sure that you regularly implement these effective ways of keeping pests out.

  1. Seal Up The Gaps – Rodents, cockroaches, and other creepy crawlies like to sneak into your home through tiny cracks and gaps, so make sure you get them sealed. If you feel confident enough, you can do this yourself fairly easily, but if you have an older or larger property and many spaces to cover, it may be worth calling an expert to make sure your property is watertight.
  1. Get Rid of Wood Piles – Termites, earwigs, and other insects like to make their home in piles of damp wood. So if you keep wood for fire close to your home, think about relocating it to a safer distance. And if the winter’s over and you don’t need it any more, remove wood piles altogether.
  1. Keep Your House Clean – A clean house doesn’t have to be spotless. If you really hate doing chores then take comfort from the fact that it’s a myth that rodents only choose to live in dirty houses. However, if you repeatedly leave the dishes in the sink overnight, or fail to sweep up crumbs or wipe sticky surfaces then you’re probably running a higher risk of attracting cockroaches, mice and other pests.Garden Shed Increases the Glamour Quotient of the Garden
  1. There’s Rarely Ever Only One Mouse – If you see one mouse, then it’s more than likely there are more. And the same goes for any other pest. As this can be a sign of a much bigger problem, it’s best to call for a pest control Long Island expert to come and revise your property.
  1. Keep Your Trees Trimmed – If you have a yard, or even if there are tall trees close to your window, make sure that they are regularly trimmed back, so that larger pests, like squirrels and raccoons can’t leap into your house through an open window. It’s also good practice for keeping out even larger human pests as well.
  1. Be Careful with Your Storage – Make sure that you store all food in airtight containers and that there aren’t loose packets of sugar open (a surefire way to attract ants) or flour that can attract mites. Use mason jars or plastic containers to make sure that pests large and small can’t get at your food.
  1. Don’t Let the Junk Pile Up – Rodents like to make their homes in old cardboard boxes, furniture or piles of clothes, whether in the attack or backyard, so don’t let the junk pile up. Toss it out. Not only will your house look better, but you’ll be keeping the pests at bay at the same time.

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