Playing Poker :6 Ways it Helps You Read People’s Minds (manipulation)

Many skills are necessary for you to get along well with people. These skills are gained from the moment we are born. As we age, we gain perceptive skills such as knowing when a friend is unhappy with us. We use our social skills throughout our lives and no one can place an end date to them.

As adults, we deal with different characters and you need to be more discerning to protect yourself and your family. Importantly, you need a certain level of perception and intuition to have a great thriving business.

The power of reading minds

When talking about reading minds, it is not the psychic kind where you hear word for word what the other person is thinking.

No, reading the mind is a form of intuition. Looking at an individual and knowing there are lying or unhappy even if they are saying the contrary. You get such powerful skills when playing poker.

Now, I am not of the opinion that every person wishing to start or succeed in their business should look for a casino, play a few games then expect a healthy bottom line. Business is much more than that. Neither should you expect to land the girl of your dreams after a few games. Nevertheless, poker is one great way, which you can hone your mind reading skills and when well used, it can help you both in your social and financial life.

How to read the mind

Many methods exist for reading one’s mind and behavior. The legs, hands, mouth and the head are some of the body arts that have the tell-tale signs. In a game of poker however like most situations in business and life, rarely will you get the opportunity to look at these body parts well to get a clear message unless you are a pro. The best part of the body to read without giving you away is the eyes.

The eyes are said to be the door to the soul and in this case to the mind as well. Here is mind reading 101: The Eyes.

  • Looking Right

In the game, one of the signs that someone is bluffing is when their eyes look right. Shifting the eyes to the right is associated with an individual lying or guessing facts. They are fabricating stories as they are tapping into their imaginative side of the brain. Want to know a lying employee or partner; their eyes have an affinity for the right side.

  • Looking Left

The left side is associated with the truth. When shifting eyes to the left an individual is attempting to tap into their memory side of the brain. They are looking for facts. When playing the game and an individual looks to the left they are probably strategist and are close to a win. They are trying to recall last moves or read the rest of the crew before making their winning move.

  • Looking Down

An person who constantly looks down when you are talking to them may show you are in a position of dominance. Looking down is associated with self-assessment. They are gauging their feelings in the situation. In poker, this is not a sure sign as they may just be peering at their cards.

  • The Direct Eye

An person who looks at you in the eye when talking is probably telling the truth. However, this has to be combined with other signs like the mouth as seasoned liars may use this trick to tell a fake truth. When addressing someone look at him or her directly to show confidence. Someone who looks at you directly when you talk is interested in what you have to say.

  • Widened Eyes

A widened eye has many times given many people away as it show excitement and positivity. It may as well as show shock, check this body language together with the mouth. A smile will distinguish the shock from the joy. Master the art of reading this whilst hiding your own from others and you will walk away a happy gambler.

  • Blinking

It is easy to tell when one is blinking more than usual within one minute. When any of the other players does this, it shows excitement or intense pressure. They are either about to make a big win or a big loss and cannot wait for their turn.

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