Quitting Smoking For Good: 6 Healthy Steps To Finally Quit.

Quitting Smoking For Good: 6 Healthy Steps To Finally Quit.Quitting any addiction is hard, and cigarette smoking sometimes appears to be among the hardest addictions to let go of. It is possible though, with the right support and attitude, you will be able to do it. It might take time but in the end if you press on, you will be able to do it.

Here are some few little tricks to make the process a bit easier for you:

1.       Admit that you love smoking and determine why you want to quit

Smoking is to many people a guilty little pleasure that they have never come to terms with. If you are going to ever overcome the addiction, you have to admit to yourself that not only are you addicted, but that you love it.

Honestly list down why you like it so much, then weigh it against the reasons why you want to quit. This might be your health, your family, even your finances, smoking is an expensive habit! You will never go far if you have not seen that all you love about smoking pales in comparison to why you need to quit. Conquering the war in the mind is the halfway point to victory.

2.       Set goals for yourself and share them with an accountability partner

Do not set goals that are too high up, this will only lead to you getting discouraged if you fail, which you probably will. Start with simple things such as the fact that you want to smoke one less cigarette a day, by the end of 2 weeks. Baby steps yes, but you will be making forward progress all the same.

Share these goals with someone who is supportive of your quest, and who will also keep you on track. Do not for any reason choose any of your previous smoking buds (who have not yet decided to quit) for this purpose, they will not do as good a job of encouraging you as they will of teasing you.

3.       Adopt a new hobby

Quite a bit of time that you previously would spend somewhere having a good smoke is suddenly going to become available to you. Do not take this to be the time to remember the good old days with your cigarette but immerse yourself in something constructive, such as a new hobby.

Take up gardening, or bird watching. Start jogging or dancing. Not only will this be good for your body, it will also take your mind off the cigarettes. Remember, conquering the war in the mind… Whatever you do, try to stop thinking about cigarettes.

4.       Do not have a pack with you everywhere you go

Deliberately forget your pack at home, such that when the craving strikes you do not anything with you to fuel the bad habit. You will slowly train your body not to expect to receive everything it craves whenever it does.

5.       Slowly get off nicotine

Nicotine is the culprit behind your addiction. It is highly addictive and is what keeps you coming back for more. You would be lying to yourself if you expect to get over your nicotine addiction in a day, it will take time.

Arrest that little culprit using an e-cigarette. Most of them will allow you to regulate your nicotine intake, something you cannot do with the standard pack of cigarettes, reducing the amounts you take per time until you are not so hopeless without it.

The e-cigarette will also allow you to still enjoy the feel of a smoke, without the myriad of terrible consequences that the ordinary cigarettes present. Do not move from one addiction to another though!

6.       Celebrate every milestone

Recognize that quitting any addiction is a long process, a journey of sorts and be patient with yourself along the way. Do not hesitate to throw a party for every milestone you pass, you are working hard and you ought to be recognized for it.

Do not dwell on where you have made mistakes but on where you have gotten it right and celebrate yourself. You can do it!


Chad is an enthusiastic blogger who carries his vapor cigarette everywhere he goes!

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