6 Signs That You May Have A Sleep Disorder.

Everyone is familiar with the expression “The early bird gets the worm!” yet not everyone is capable of following such simple advice. Truth is sleep disorders affect millions of people worldwide and they often go undiagnosed for years.

Most of that has to do with the fact that people are quick to assume that those who complain about being tired were simply irresponsible as opposed to having an actual problem. Now throw in the fact that most Americans don’t have the type of income where they could go to a health professional in order to get themselves checked out and you have a recipe for millions of undiagnosed sleeping disorders causing problems in so many people’s lives.

1. Consistently Tired Each Morning

Seems like a pretty obvious symptom when you think about it but many don’t. More often than not people blame themselves for their lack of sleep. This instant blame causes many people to cease any questioning as to why they feel so groggy all the time. I write this knowing full well how it can be. I will cover more on that in the conclusion though, so keep on reading!

2. Depression

Depression induced by a lack of sleep is a clear indicator for some that they have a problem of some sort. Still many people have so much stress in their lives that depression may seem like a natural place for the mind to wander. Do not become complacent; respect your body and your health as you only get one body.

3. Hypersomnia

The name may seem foreign to some, but you should believe me when I say it’s real. Hypersomnia is essentially being overly tired during the day. This is beyond the usual incessant yawning and more along the lines of the ability to fall asleep at any time. This includes dinners, movies, driving, and even theme park rides. When you experience hypersomnia you can rest assured that you have some sort of sleep disorder.

4. Obesity

If you live a physical life style and eat relatively healthy food yet you still notice that you are packing on the pounds you might very well be suffering from a sleep disorder. The inability to sleep harms the body’s efficiency when dealing with excess fats this leads to a far greater increase in weight than one would normally expect when eating almost any food item.

5. Living Your dreams?

If you have ever woken up one morning in a totally different room than the one you went to bed in wearing entirely different clothes and listening to shocked horror stories from your spouse or friends then it’s very possible that you are suffering from a REM sleep disorder. This allows the body to resist the normal sleep induced paralysis that occurs. Essentially you will be able to live out your dreams, no matter how intense, vivid, or violent they may be.

6. Mental Disorder

While it seems rather blunt to place this here it’s something I can understand very well. Numerous mental disorders list insomnia as a symptom which can go untreated for years as many people go unaware that they even has a disorder for years.

6 Signs That You May Have A Sleep Disorder.Conclusion

Sleep is an essential part of life with importance that cannot be underestimated. Yet more often than not, problems with sleep are ignored in America. This is due to a number of factors including but not limited to, self-blame, lack of funding, or a general distrust of doctors. I myself dealt with a sleeping disorder for years that went undiagnosed. When I complained about the problem many teachers and school officials simply told me that I was just staying up late goofing off. The reality is I did everything I could to fall asleep because I really needed the sleep. It was only years later at twenty two that I was diagnosed with a mental disorder that I will keep private for my own reasons. After taking the medications I needed I found that I could finally sleep like a normal person.

I urge those that are suffering from drowsiness, fatigue, hypersomnia, depression, or sudden increases in weight to get them checked out. You will never regret solving the problem and sleeping peacefully every night. I know I haven’t.





Today’s guest post was provided by Eduardo Dieguez, content writer and blogger at Eduardo spent time living in Switzerland as a child helping to foster a culturally open mind from an early age. 

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