6 Reasons You May Have Tooth Discoloration.

If you ask anyone if they’d like to have whiter teeth, I’m willing to bet that a staggering majority would love a brighter smile. It’s not just certain foods or beverages that cause yellow teeth, there are a number of non-edible sources of yellowing.

Be sure to look out for these lesser known teeth vandalizing suspects.

1. Excess Fluoride

The controversy surrounding fluoride just keeps getting more and more interesting. Due to fluoride being in our public water systems we ingest a fair amount each day. Children may also ingest it by accidentally (or purposefully) swallowing their toothpaste. Once in the body fluoride may cause the internal yellowing of your teeth.

2. Trauma

If you take a hard fall or a baseball to the tooth it may break or chip it. Although painful, a broken tooth is fixable through a root canal and/or veneer replacement. If you’re hit in the mouth hard, but not hard enough to break your tooth, there may be internal damage that you’re unaware of. This internal damage may cause bleeding in the innermost layer of the tooth causing darkening or discoloration.

3. Genetics

It’s not that yellow, dirty teeth run in your family, you may just be genetically predisposed to a certain thickness of enamel. Your teeth’s enamel is transparent. Yellowing teeth can be caused by enamel being dyed or if it thins too much; showing the natural yellow dentin layer below. You may be part of a long line of thin enameled ancestors.

4. Age

Aging physically and mentally is just a part of growing up, this applies to your teeth as well. As time goes on your enamel wears away and thins out. Like previously stated, the natural yellow layer of dentin under your enamel becomes more apparent over years of enamel thinning.

6 Reasons You May Have Tooth Discoloration.5. Oral Consumption

What you eat also dictates how your teeth will appear, for instance coffee and black tea will darken your teeth. Balsamic vinegar, being high is acidity and dark in color easily dyes your enamel. The higher the acid content and brighter or darker the color, the vulnerable your teeth are to discoloration.

6. Fillings

As stated previously, enamel is transparent. Due to its transparency, anything dark you put into your tooth will be seen through your enamel, such as a filling. This will give your teeth a darker appearance.

So, now you know a few things that might be preventing you from having the perfect smile. You might be consuming too much fluoride and staining your teeth. You might have gotten hit in the mouth. Your bad smile might be the curse of poor oral health genes. You might be getting older. You might be consuming the wrong foods. Finally, you might have received obvious fillings.

Regardless of these problems, please remember that the only truly bad smile is the one you don’t show. Don’t let these afflictions stop you from grinning proudly. What makes you, the reader, smile? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll be sure to respond.

Zane Schwarzlose is a blogger for A Beautiful Smile At Lake Pointe, a Sugar Land, Texas dental office. Zane is always looking for ways to improve his smile.

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