6 Reasons Why People Should Avoid The ER Whenever Possible.

When you have some kind of a medical emergency, the emergency room is definitely the place to go. You can get the life saving medicine that you need when nowhere else can help. However, if you’re not exactly dealing with a medical emergency, the emergency room is the last place you want to be.

Here are six reasons why you should avoid the emergency room whenever possible.

Wait Time

Although it is called the emergency room, that does not necessarily mean that the employees are going to treat everything like an emergency. It’s not uncommon to wait for hours in the waiting room of emergency room. If they’re busy, you could be sitting there a while. By the time they get you in and treat you, the regular doctor’s office might be open for the day. If you’re not in immediate danger, it is in your best interest to wait until the doctor is open for business.


Perhaps the biggest reason to avoid the emergency room you so that you do not go bankrupt. Emergency rooms are notoriously expensive, and most people can’t afford them for routine items. If you’re having a heart attack, then you don’t really have a choice. However, if you’re not experiencing something that is imminently life threatening, just wait and see a doctor. Emergency rooms can’t turn people away for life saving treatment, even if they can’t afford it. This means that the people who can afford it have to pay more. Because of this, try to avoid the emergency room to save the impact on your wallet.

Being Around Sick People

If there is nothing wrong with you now, just wait until after you sit in an emergency room waiting room for five hours. You might surround yourself with all kinds of sick people. If the sicknesses are contagious, you might find yourself getting sick shortly after your visit to an emergency room. You’re going to be better off to take care of things yourself or to go to a doctor’s office that isn’t overcrowded.

Staph Infection

Hospitals are also known to be a common place to get a staph infection. In the last few years, staph infections have become much more dangerous as some have adapted to the antibiotics and treatments that we’ve used to kill it in the past. Some staph infections, like MRSA, are now resistant to most treatments and can be life threatening.

Unnecessary Tests

When you go to an emergency room, there is a good chance that they will run some unnecessary tests on you, because they don’t know you or your medical history like your family doctor would. These tests can add to the considerable cost that you are going to incur, and waste your time and theirs.


A large percentage of people who go to the emergency room end up very frustrated with the whole experience. When you combine the long wait with the possibility of low quality of care that you may receive and then add in the huge bill, it can be downright aggrivating. Unfortunately, some emergency rooms see so many patients, they care less about the quality of care that they provide. Instead, it’s simply a numbers game to push the masses through as quickly as possible.

Unless you’re about to die or you have a serious injury that needs to be taken care of right away, stay away from the ER.


Joanne Preston is a trauma nurse who often writes helpful articles to inform people of how to avoid common injuries, when to see the doctor, and when to get emergency help. Joanne has also helped find the best rn to bsn degree programs available.

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