6 masquerade mask ideas that are perfect for Halloween

For you it may be a regular occurrence to be going to a masquerade ball or it may be the first one you’ve ever been too. Either way, you will require a masquerade mask and this will lead to a multitude of questions. There are many different styles and colors available. Some are full-face masks and others are half-face masks. How will you know if the mask is suitable for the event you are going to, or if it can exceed the expectations of other attendees? For a Halloween event, here are 6 mask ideas to help look amazing.

6 masquerade mask ideas that are perfect for Halloween

The Bauta

This mask originates from Venetian times when it was standard practice to retain your anonymity at political events by wearing a mask. They tend to be full face with a large chin, no mouth and a square jaw. The Bauta mask often comes gilded and is a very masculine looking disguise. It is designed for men who wish to blend in and possible discreetly break a few rules.  This sort of mask is ideal to wear to a party where you want to make an impression on a special someone.

The Colombina

This is only half face mask and is designed to cover the eyes, cheeks and possibly the nose.  The Colombina is usually very colorful and heavily decorated. It is very much designed for the vivacious women. It is ideally suited to someone who is comfortable in her own skin and happy to let her personality do the talking. The mask also originates from Venetian times and was original the ladies choice to the men’s Bauta. There are now men’s versions of this mask for those who do not wish to blend completely into the crowd.

The Medico Della Peste

This mask was originally worn by doctors treating the plague. It was thought to be able to stop the doctor from catching the plague. The medico della peste mask has a long hollow beak with round eyes. It is usually plain as befits its origins, and is ideal for men who love history. Hypochondriacs may feel safer wearing one and anyone who likes something different. There are those who find this mask fits in perfectly with their own kinky taste on the party.

The Volto

For many different reasons you might wish to arrive and leave a Halloween bash without anyone noticing or paying attention to you. Equally, you may wish to avoid someone at the party. The Volto is the kind of mask that will help you pass unnoticed. It is a full face mask with some facial features, usually the nose and lips.  Masks of this type are usually simple with just a small amount of detail around the eyes.

The Pantalone

Pantalone is a character well known in the Italian theatre, and is always associated with having a witty and intelligent persona. The Pantalone mask has a large beak like nose and slanted eyes. It is well suited to confident men who are used to being the centre of attention and can handle a crowd. This mask can be worn at any party comfortably, and it is an ideal disguise for a Halloween event.

The Arlecchino

If you have ever wanted to dress like a court jester then this mask is for you! It features a short nose and arched eyebrows. The disguise often comes with a large headpiece and bells to complete the joker look. Arlecchino is often portrayed as the servant of Pantalone. The Arlecchino mask is suitable for most parties, particularly April fool’s or Halloween. It suits someone with an outgoing personality who is not afraid of being larger than life even if the joke is on you. You may need to perfect your permanent smile to ensure you make it through the night.

As you can see, there are numerous types of Venetian masks you can opt for a Halloween party. Starting from the simplest to the most complex, just make sure to use your costume to draw attention and have a good time. Dress to impress and complement a disguise with an equally imposing costume; this will draw attention and could even make you feel special.

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