6 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

Sometimes having the perfect home just isn’t enough anymore. With today’s economy slowly crumbling beneath us at every corner, every level of household income is looking to save money. Starting with home improvement can actually be one of the best ways to put some money back into your pocket.

6 Home Improvement Ideas; Money Saving and Environmentally Friendly.Take a look at these very popular tips that could end up saving you thousands a year:

1. A fire door to your cellar, a security door to the garage or a multi-purpose door for the tool shed: any of these will offer the perfect place for a door for greater safety, comfort and it will save you money. The selection of decorative interior doors, such as, for the loft conversion is also large.

These doors usually are solid steel doors with insulated glazing and are for basements, outbuildings, equipment sheds and barns.

  • ready to install door panel
  • for basement and outbuildings, barns and equipment sheds
  • can be installed to opened left/right
  • thermal insulation
  • sound-deadening


2. The cosy atmosphere, the feeling of security with strong beams is what many homeowners living under a roof appreciate. Whether you are planning to build a new home or already own a house, you can always create more habitat through development. Good thermal insulation for the roof is essential for this.

If, during the summertime, you seem to have stifling heat as you go up the stairs or if the wintertime despite turn up the heat, the rooms are not warm, then you definitely have a insulation problem. Think at the planning stages about the roof. It is the protective shield of your house. Give this part the prompt attention it deserves.

An insulated roof is an investment of the future, which brings a lot financially and environmentally. So make sure you insulate your roof the right way.


3. All blinds and awnings can have a significant effect on your energy bill. The operation of these simple elements in the comfort of your home rarely costs more than a few hundred dollars but can save you thousands. Light level and weather sensors also make sure automatic opening or closing on some brands and timing can take on this role as well.

Features of blinds at a glance:

  • Customised systems
  • Easy operation thanks to intelligent control technology
  • Solar possible
  • Integrated and easily upgradeable
  • Positive impact on your home’s energy balance
  • Wide range of colours


4.   Is it worthwhile to upgrade your heating system? Condensing boilers, solar water heaters or heat pumps have different factors when determining the energy efficiency of heat generators. The question is: When is it worth the investment in the modernisation of advanced heating technology? Or better yet, how long does it take to pay for itself?

The investigation brings to light: can the replacement of heating save you more energy? The biggest saving effect is achieved with the exchange of a heating source. It can be translated to different energy sources and technologies: Oil-or gas-fired condensing boilers, biomass boilers, such as pellet plants or wood and the heat pump. A solar heating system is used today in new construction and modernisation in many cases. The technology is mature and the structure is quick and easy.


5. Did you also know that having a chimney or changing out the old one can be a great solution to saving energy? Many components of the house can help reduce heating costs, but not like a new chimney.

However, your chimney must meet various requirements:

  • Made of heat-insulating materials
  • No leaks in the entire construction
  • Meet the heat exchange principle
  • Available as a two-compartment model with combustion air supply to plug-in a fireplace or tile stove


6. Doing something as simple as changing out all your light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs can cut down on your electric bill.

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