5 Ways to Stimulate Baby: Body, Mind, and Soul.

The arrival of a new baby into a household is a joyous occasion for all. While much attention is placed upon the physical safety and well-being of the infant, there is also a responsibility for the parents to provide emotional care and educational guidance as well.

Below are 5 ways to accomplish stimulating baby’s body, mind and soul in effective ways.

1) Mobile Environments

Play mats provide a safe place for baby while also offering various stimuli such as attachable toys designed to encourage babies to move around, grip things and entertain themselves.

Swings and bouncer chairs provide a soothing environment, many of which are portable and fully functional anywhere. The mobility of these items makes them particularly useful for babies as they grow.

Another perk of these products is that they also provide a way for babies to interact with others in the room while staying safe. They are also comfortable enough for babies to fall asleep comfortably as they learn how to live in and adapt to the home environment.

By and large, the more comforting and reassuring a parent is to his or her baby, the easier it will be to aide in their development. These early times will be critical in determining how the rest of the parent-child relationship could proceed over time.

2) Breast Feeding

One of the first things that babies require from parents is food. No longer inside of their mother’s womb, the most optimum type of nourishment for them is through breastfeeding.

Mother’s milk contains all the qualities and nutrition that new babies require. Far superior to infant formula, breast milk also contains antibodies that ward off illnesses for babies long after infancy.

3) Communication

There are many ways to stimulate an infant to help their mind to develop properly. From the moment they are born, babies are getting acquainted with their new environments. To start with, communicating with the baby is essential for his or her entire well-being.
Rather than assume that the baby does not understand, talk to the baby on a regular basis. Making soothing and affectionate sounds allows the baby to recognize their parents’ voice.

These communication processes are extremely important since during this time, the baby begins to learn to communicate, which is the foundation of all learning.

5 Ways to Stimulate Baby: Body, Mind, and Soul.4) Specialized Toys

In addition to talking and singing to the baby, parents can use some interesting toys made especially to entertain, soothe and educate infants. For instance, a colorful mobile teaches babies how to focus their eyes. Rattles and similar types of toys allow babies to use their motor skills.

5) Accessories

The emotional health of babies is every bit as important as physical attention. Breastfeeding provides one of the most accessible ways for babies to bond with their mothers. One way to make nursing as comfortable as possible for both mother and child is by using a nursing pillow.
The support it provides reduces fatigue for mothers and makes it easier for babies to latch onto the breast. Because of this, nursing is more enjoyable and effective for mother and child. Additionally, nursing pillows can be used as a comfortable seat for baby and resting place for mother.

Therefore, the effects of attending to the baby’s physical, emotional and intellectual health using effective stimulation techniques could greatly affect the child for the rest of his or her life.





Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and proud mother of 7. As an advocate of nursing and breastfeeding, she successfully nursed all of her children and promotes the importance of stimulating baby body, mind and soul. Early on she found the use of a nursing pillow, communication, and breastfeeding the most instrumental tools to accomplish this goal.

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