5 Ways To Fight Drug Addiction Holistically.

Substance abuse treatment centers are admin a modality of care that incorporates traditional therapeutic strategies with holistic methods to treat the person to make addiction a thing of the past.

Here are 5 holistic ways to fight drug addiction:

1. Expand Your Definition of Therapy

In most minds, the word therapy automatically triggers the visual of a psychotherapist talking to someone who is laying down on a couch. This image is outdated. While psychotherapy, meaning one-on-one, individual work with a therapist on identifying your patterns, your thought processes, your behavioral choices, are much more, is effective for people healing from drug addiction, other forms of holistic therapy are equally beneficial.

If your definition of therapy can evolve, then you can expose yourself, and your addiction, to a whole new set of restorative tools and approaches to healing. Massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, equine therapy, and many more are available to you as you sustain your sobriety and build your life of recovery.

2. Meditation

One of the most effective ways to get in touch with who you really are, why you started seeking an escape with drugs and alcohol, and what kept you using despite negative life consequences is meditation.

Sitting quietly for 10 to 20 minutes each day works wonders for those battling addiction. While most people experience difficulty with meditation at first, continuing to practice time alone without distraction brings about a newfound feeling of peace and self-awareness.

3. Nutrition

While abusing drugs and alcohol, what were your eating habits like? How often did you eat a daily serving of fruits and vegetables? Choosing nutrition during recovery helps your brain and body repair the damage done during active addiction.

Our daily diet matters. Our bodies need certain vitamins and nutrients to properly function and to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you can start making healthier and well-balanced choices, you will notice that recovery becomes easier and you feel better.

4. Being Active

Exercise is an important part of recovery. It is a great way to naturally release endorphins that make you feel energized, happy, and positive, without substances. If you do not like to run, there are many other options that get the blood pumping, the heart rate up, and the entire body activated.

Yoga is great for addicts in recovery. Various levels of the practice allow you to work your way into the poses, the flow, and the physical benefits without overexertion. Breathing, stretching, and getting in touch with your body are just as important as getting a workout. You can also try swimming, walking, playing a sport, lifting weights, and pilates.

5 Ways To Fight Drug Addiction Holistically.5. Connecting Mind, Body, and Soul

Meditation and yoga will accelerate this process, so they them out and then continue to discover what works for your. Does waking up and going for a walk give you time to get in touch with your emotions and to find out what you are thinking while getting a little exercise to start your day? Do you find that meditation followed by some yoga, a healthy meal, and aromatherapy, all without leaving your home, make you feel better than any drug ever could?

Holistic approaches to healing can help you continue the fight against drug addiction. Try them now!





Kate Green is an addiction treatment specialist, learn more about her work helping people in drug recovery at

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