5 Ways to Earn Money for Christmas

Christmas is months away and you have to start thinking about how to pay for all those presents that are going to shoot through Santa’s sleigh into your chimney. Unfortunately, Santa certainly isn’t going to pay for anything.

Fear not, though!

By thinking about some extra work, you can earn an extra income to make some extra cash this Christmas.

  1. Online Surveys

Online surveys are an easy way to make money. The only qualification you need is the ability to give your opinion to someone. If you need help finding survey networks, a quick Google search will do.

Companies always want your opinions. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings offers surveys for cash at

  1. Sell Your Belongings

5 Ways to Earn Money for Christmas

No, we don’t mean you should take everything you have and offload it on eBay. Try looking through some of your belongings and selling anything you no longer need. Most people have a cache of things they don’t really need. You can easily scrape together a few hundred dollars with eBay and Amazon these days.

  1. Work for Others

Your local neighbourhood is a land of opportunity. Everyone has too much work to do. Complete those little jobs that people often put off. Offer to babysit someone else’s kids or clean out the gutters.

When autumn falls you could sweep up the leaves. If snow happens to fall, offer to clear their driveways.

You can only expect a few dollars per job, but it quickly adds up.

  1. Take a Second Job

It’ always an option if you’re really desperate for some more income. Second jobs are easy to find if you’re willing to work unseasonable hours. Take note, many of these jobs are available on a temporary basis, especially around Christmas time where many people are in the same boat as you.

Most companies need additional staff around this period, so it’s not difficult to find some more work. Just remember that sometimes companies have hiring periods well in advance of the season.

  1. Freelance Online

Can you translate into another language, write a blog, or design a website?

Then a career in freelancing might be just for you. Look online at freelance job boards and you can come across a range of ways in which to earn some extra money. It can take some time to earn enough private clients, but this is the sort of income that can set you up for life going forward.

Christmas in Advance

When planning for Christmas, make sure you plan your income streams in advance. You don’t want to get into a situation where you’re attempting to pick up seasonal work, only to discover that someone else has already taken it.

Remember, Christmas is a time where everyone wants extra work.

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