Design & Interior Decorating Ideas: 5 Ways to Decorate a Small Apartment.

Days ago, you were so excited to move into your new small apartment. You even find it hard to sleep because you couldn’t stop imagining those decorating ideas that are creeping into your mind. Unfortunately, now that you have finally moved in you suddenly get the feeling Design & Interior Decorating Ideas: 5 Ways to Decorate a Small Apartment.that the place is just too small to even decorate it. But, this should not be the case. The following are some practical and space-saving ideas to decorate your small apartment:

1.  Create your desired theme out of unwanted features.

If the walls have been painted with a color that you do not like, create a theme out of it. Choose a hue that will match the existing colors of your walls. For example, if the color of your walls is pale yellow which you do not like, highlight the entire room with curtains, carpets, picture frames or a flower vase that has a color that you want to stand out. Make sure your “new color” will make the existing pale yellow a receding color in the background.

2.   Go for bigger illusions.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to knock down your neighbor’s walls. Hang a piece of huge painting or a large custom-sized picture frame which has a magnified view of something. You may also hang a large mirror on one side of the wall. A huge mirror reflects light and will make the space seem bigger. You may also use glass-top tables and transparent chairs to visually enlarge the space in your room.

3.   Conceal ugly corners in your bathroom.

Since there is no way for you to make permanent changes in your apartment, find a way to conceal those unsightly corners and other areas. If you have dirty looking plumbing under your bathroom sink, hang a piece of cloth around it. Make sure that this piece of cloth has prints or colors that will match the color of any other decor in your bathroom. Behind this skirt is where you should store your other bathroom essentials so you can save some space in your bathroom.

4.   Create inconspicuous storage areas.

Place your furniture in a corner or in any area where you could hide your hampers at the back of it.  The hamper is where you may put your umbrella, hats or kid’s toys without adding a cluttered look into your room. You can also use the “skirted-table” trick to hide your extra linens, books, flat wares, office supplies and make the place look neat and orderly.

5.   Buy furnishings that serve more than just one purpose.

Living in a small apartment may deprive you of a luxury to buy more pieces of furnishings. This is why you should see to it that each piece of furniture must serve more than just one purpose. One great example of this is to use banquette with drawers in it where you could store your extra linens, kitchen wares, books and any other things. You may also choose to buy a sleeper sofa which can be your guest’s bed at night. If your apartment is too small to create another bedroom, make use of trundle-bed for your child to sleep at night.

These are five effective ways of eliminating some challenges that you are bound to face when decorating your small apartment. Use all or any of these and make your apartment look bigger and more beautiful.

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