5 Things to Know When Building a Veranda

Who doesn’t want a Veranda? If you are building your own home, you are sure to be looking for some open space. Open spaces are hard to come by, especially if you are living in a city. An apartment will cost you millions of dollars if you are living in the cities. All colonial buildings from the 1850’s had the Veranda. The Spanish colonial architecture had it, the Victorian Filigree architecture style had it as did the Australian vernacular architecture.

While the term itself went in for a decline for a few decades from the 1900’s, the concept and use of Veranda has again seen a surge in recent times. Here are five reasons you just cannot do without a Veranda.

Things to Know When Building a Veranda1. It suits your needs

A veranda isn’t just meant to be there, it’s a place that you will love. In the winter, you will find enough warmth sitting on a porch there and in the summer, you can sit and enjoy the surroundings outside without actually being roasted.  A good Veranda design can come to your rescue in both summers and winters. In fact, a Veranda has been proven to cool your home and you can save 40% off your cooling bills by building a veranda in a strategic position.

2. Build it where you want it to be

Your veranda can be built where you need it. You can build it as an extension of your room. You can build it in the courtyard. You can build it in a corner of the house. The choice is yours. However, you should let the experts decide and recommend you what the best possible places are for building your Veranda.

3. Obtaining a building permit

You might need to obtain a building permit when constructing a Veranda. Normally, you may not need to obtain a permit if the area under construction does not exceed 40m. However, you may still need a building permit in certain cases. For example, if the construction will change your building’s appearance and volume significantly, you may need a building permit. It is always a good idea to let the experts handle this to avoid legal complications later on.

 4. Having a Veranda shoots up your building value

Did you know that having a Veranda in your home can just make your home worth around $20,000 more? The veranda can function as an additional room too and can help you relax after a hard day at your office.

 5. Don’t forget the entertainment value

While verandas can do a whole lot of things, don’t forget the aesthetics it provides and the entertainment it can offer. If your veranda is big enough, you can host small parties in it and it is the perfect stopgap between a backyard and your house. The family veranda is your perfect place to sit and watch the world, right from your home. More importantly, a well-designed veranda is sure too add in that extra beauty your home needs.


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