5 Things To Know About Tooth Implants.

Have you explored the option of getting dental implants to address missing teeth? As more people lose teeth to a variety of issues tooth replacement procedures are becoming more popular. You no longer are only relegated to go the dentures route for a solution to your woes.

Dental implants offer you a natural, holistic approach to fixing your smile. Tooth implants are fused into your jawbone to replace the root of the missing tooth and form a strong foundation. Implants are usually composed of durable titanium, meaning that your chompers will stand up to just about any food you decide to consume or drink you decide to chug.

Remember that you’ll need to take care of your mouth with your new teeth. Persistently eating sugary foods and avoiding good oral hygiene can result in painful gum diseases like gingivitis.

The History

Dental implants originated around 600 AD. The Mayans used pieces of shell to hammer implants into the jaw. Modern day dental implant users suffer much less during their procedures. More individuals are going the dental implant route which helps specialists receive feedback and improve the procedure for patients.

5 Things To Know About Dental Implants.Missing Teeth

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry lists that 69% of Americans from 35 to 44 are missing one tooth. Even more telling, 25% of people over 74 years of age have lost all of their natural teeth. This places a greater priority on getting implants or using some other form of treatment to create a more pleasing smile and natural experience. With more people losing their teeth due to poor food choices and other issues the demand for dental implants is rising steadily.

No Cavities

Teeth which are restored with dental implants aren’t prone to getting cavities. If you want new teeth now without having to worry about staining or tooth decay, consider going the dental implant route since crowns aren’t subject decay. Don’t use this fact as an excuse to treat your mouth poorly. You still need to floss, brush and take care of your oral hygiene because ignoring your mouth can result in painful gum disease. Go for regular dental checkups and get professional cleaning to keep your smile clean and bright.

Due Diligence Plays a Big Role

As more options are presented to potential implant users, doing strict research offline and on the internet becomes more important. Select only qualified dentists who can perform the procedure adequately and seek treatment options which match your specific needs. Make sure your cosmetic and functional needs are covered. You want to be able to smile without being embarrassed and eat without experiencing discomfort.

Searching for expert advice gives you confidence in the process. Avoid rushing through your research phase because your impatience will hurt you in the long run. It makes sense to understand the procedure and what it entails versus diving into getting your implants because you’re tired of your less than perfect smile.

 An Organic Approach

Dental implants are the sole tooth replacement option which encourages bone growth. Stimulating and preserving natural bone growth helps you feel better and encourages overall oral hygiene wellness.  Having dental implants placed also encourages bone growth.







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