5 Things to Know About Adoption

For many people who have struggled with infertility or with finding “the one,” the road to parenthood may prove challenging. Fortunately, with the blessing of adoption, it is possible for people to become loving parents to children in need. While adoption is a wonderful option, it is not a decision to be taken lightly and there are many elements to consider. Included here are a few things to know about adoption before you take the plunge.

You May Need to Take a Class

Going from childless to a full-time parent is a tough transition to say the least. Parenting may be rewarding, but that doesn’t make it an easy gig. While going through the adoption process, consider taking a class about infant care; or about welcoming older children into your family environment. You will feel more prepared and less stressed when the baby is crying or your new family member won’t speak to you.

You May Be Able To Breastfeed

Surprisingly enough, even mothers who were unable to get pregnant still find themselves able to breastfeed their newly adopted child. By stimulating your breasts or taking supplements like oxytocin or prolactin, you can cause your body to begin milk production. This is not possible for all mothers, but can be a great option for mothers who crave this connection with their new baby.

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You Can Have a Baby Shower
Many parents feel uncertain about hosting a baby shower when the mother is not pregnant. However, with adoption becoming much more mainstream and widely accepted, it is increasingly popular for moms to have baby showers after they adopt. This is a great option to help offset the costs of a new baby and can help increase bonding between the new baby and adoptive family and friends.

You Can Celebrate Your New Child Twice a Year

For many families, the adoption process is a long and tedious one. Once you have finally adopted a child, it can be a wonderful feeling to celebrate that day. Many new parents choose to celebrate both adoption day and their child’s birthday as momentous occasions. For families who traveled with a group to adopt from another country, having a large gathering with all families and adopted children can be a wonderful celebration of love and life.

You Will Be Asked Personal Questions

Just as an expecting mother has to endure strangers poking and prodding her belly, adoptive mothers may find themselves fielding all sorts of invasive questions from strangers. People may want to know what it cost to adopt, what the biological family’s story is and more.

Unfortunately, while many of these questions are asked with good intentions, many people may word them in a way that is improper or offensive. Having patience in correcting these well-meaning strangers is advised, but you always have the right to simply brush off their invasive remarks. Being an adoptive parent is a unique blessing, but one that only you and your new child will ever be able to fully understand and appreciate.

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