5 Signs Your Spouse Is An Alcoholic.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the people we love are developing an addiction. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a person who drinks socially and one who has a serious problem especially when it is someone close to you like your own spouse. If you are beginning to wonder if your spouse is an alcoholic then a number of signs to watch out for before confronting him or her.

5 Signs Your Spouse Is An Alcoholic.If they seem to show several of the signs of alcoholism then it may be time to get them to seek help for their addiction.

Relationship Problems with You, Family and Friends

When a person’s drinking begins to interfere with their life and create problems in their relationships, then this can be one of the first signs of alcoholism. If your spouse’s drinking has caused a lot of conflict between you and even between their family members and friends then it could indicate a problem. Alcoholics tend to behave in ways that can end even long-term friendships and cause rifts between close family members. If there are significant relationship issues for your spouse then they made need help.

Risky Behavior and Negative Consequences

People who drink heavily lose their inhibitions and begin to engage in risky behavior such as drinking and driving. If your spouse is taking risks that worry you or they have already experienced the consequences of their behavior then this could be a sign of alcoholism. Have they already been in a bad car accident due to their drinking? Negative consequences of drinking are the beginning of them hitting rock bottom.

Increased Tolerance and Inability to Cut Down

As an alcoholic goes deeper into their disease, they need to drink more and more to get the same effects. Your spouse might have to drink twice as much as they did in the past to get drunk. If they are physically unable to cut down on their drinking and experience intense withdrawal symptoms when trying to drink less alcohol then this is a clear symptom of addiction.

Affecting Commitments and Daily Tasks

If your spouse is having trouble getting to work on time or frequently calls out sick due to their drinking then this can be a negative effect on their commitments. People with alcohol problems have trouble dealing with daily tasks and might forget about important responsibilities. If their drinking has even caused them to lose their job then this is a major issue of alcoholism.

Refusal to Quit in Spite of Consequences

Have you frequently asked your spouse to cut down or even quit their drinking habits because it has caused problems for you and your family? An alcoholic will often deny that they have a problem and refuse to quit or limit themselves in any way. Their addiction can make them act selfishly and they are not able to see how much their drinking hurts those around them. At this stage it will be time for an intervention to convince them to enter treatment for alcoholism.





Cindy Nichols works as an intervention specialist and treatment advisor to help people dealing with the problems of drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about the work that she does for Recovery Now TV at their site

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