5 Signs That Your First Aid Course Is Of No Use.

The number of employers that want to hire people who have prior first aid training has more than doubled in the past three years. Today, more Australian employers want to hire people who have undergone a first aid course mainly because it helps to make sure that their workplace has an added layer of safety.

However, the emphasis on first aid training varies with the nature of job and industry, for instance, people who know first aid are preferred as construction site supervisors as opposed to chartered accountants. This has mainly led to many people seeking first aid course certificates but the drawback of this push being that 60% of people who have done a course walk out with no lifesaving knowledge.

5 Signs That Your First Aid Course Is Of No Use.

Below we look at five things that should help you spot a shady first aid course.

Sign no. 1: The course requires that you fill in a questionnaire to get a certificate

Yes, there are a growing number of advertisements that only require people fill out a short questionnaire to qualify for a certificate. Many of these institutions have no instructors, no instructional videos, and no course material. The first aid course offered here offers no value and you’ll walk away with nothing but a piece of paper. Regardless, of what type of industry you work for if it requires that you have first aid knowledge it is because you’ll be called upon to save a person’s life. While these certificates are rarely verified in Australia they are also only worth the paper they are printed on. It would be a better idea to save your money to actually attend a real course.

Sign no. 2: You can get a first aid course certificate online

5 Signs That Your First Aid Course Is Of No Use.

It is important for everyone to understand that you cannot learn first aid online. First aid unlike learning how to design a website, program or even lift weights requires physical instruction. Physical instruction in terms of how much pressure to exert, how to check the pulse, how to check the pupils, and how to deliver life breaths are the only way you can learn how to do it properly. It is a lot like Yoga, you can watch a million instructional videos but until an instructor corrects your posture you’ll always be doing it wrong. That said a fair majority of online first aid courses are just scams run by people who are not licensed to teach first aid.

Sign no. 3: Buy the certificate for a small price

These are outright scams and if you buy a certificate to get a job then you’re just fooling yourself. In the event that the employer does find out that your certificate is fake you will be fired immediately. You can probably save money and print out a certificate of you own via a laser jet printer.

Sign no. 4: The course just teaches chest compressions

5 Signs That Your First Aid Course Is Of No Use.

Now there are some first aid courses being taught that only teach chest compressions. While chest compressions are an important part of first aid it barely makes up the first level of the course. A first level first aid course should include, resuscitation, defibrillation and checking for signs for life. A course that does not include these in its first level is not teaching you anything. Visit a few other instructors to find a complete course.

Sign no. 5: The course only provides theoretical training

A first aid courses does consist of a fair amount of theory that you’ll require to understand how a specific technique works. However, if the course only consists of theory then you’re being scammed. Even at the very beginners level theory is just 40% of a first aid course. The majority of time is spent on physical training. If the course does not include physical training then it’s best to skip it for a more expensive yet thorough course. Health Corp strongly recommends that people at least sit for a few sample classes. Shop around and attend sample classes for all the instructors in your area and only decide once you’ve enjoyed their teaching style. Don’t consider courses that do not have a sample class.

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Manu Alias has been in the medical industry for over a decade. He has a degree in medicine and is a certified first aid trainer. He offers a number of advanced and basic level first aid courses from his office in Sydney. He is also the author of various medical publications. 

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