5 Reasons to Take a Gap Year

In recent years, many youth have decided to take a year off following high school before going to college. This year can be spent working and saving, but for most people it is an opportunity to travel and enjoy life while they are young. There are many reasons individuals choose to take this time, but included here are a few of the main benefits to travel when you’re eighteen.

Few Responsibilities

Never will you again be as free as you are when you graduate from high school. You are young, not yet tied down to a job or mortgage; you do not have any children dependent on you yet, and you can make your own choices. Never again in your adult life will you have the readily available finances and freedom of choice as you will during your first year out of high school. So take advantage of it and travel!

5 Reasons to Take a Gap Year

Prime Health

On average, most high school graduates have few health problems. There is no chronic exhaustion, heavy stress or poor lifestyle to cause them to be ill. You have the most energy and good health life has to offer; what better time to travel? Many places you choose to travel during your gap year will have opportunities for hiking or swimming, plus countless other outdoor activities. You will want to be as physically fit as possible to be able to join in.

Better Performance in College

Many students believe their grades in college will suffer if they take a break between high school and university. Surprisingly, many studies prove this is not the case. Students who take a gap year have actually been proven to have higher functioning GPAs and are more involved in campus life. Your resume will also look a lot better if you have experiences from your gap year to include; most gap year students are required to get a job, so you will gain valuable international work experience.

Find Your Passion

Often, a student fresh out of high school has no idea what jobs they want to pursue or what they are passionate about. After taking a gap year, you may find many things you want to do and a more comprehensive understanding of what you don’t want to do. Even if where you were located didn’t give you a direct clue as to what you wanted to do, having an extra year gives you ample opportunity to consider options before signing on with a major.


Students who take on the adventure of a gap year have to learn to adapt to new situations. This is an invaluable skill for you to take with you to college. You will be constantly presented with new people and faces at college as well as experiences and situations you have never been placed in. Learning to adapt during your gap year can help you adjust better to your new environment and settle in.

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