5 Reasons Why Our Brother is So Special

If you have an elder brother then there are something which you might relate with your elder brother. He will definitely be the one who will bother you and will make your life hell but he will also be the one who will be over protective about you and will take care of you even during tough times. So, we have come up with reasons which will make you fall in love with your brother all over again.

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Your brother has always been the one who will always make you feel that you are the adopted child and he will keep telling you till the point you actually start believing it.

For your brother, you have always been the model for all his experiments. And some of the experiment have been way too scary. And you have continued to be the model till date. Sometimes, it becomes unnerving for you.

If he is being extra caring for you then you can very clearly assume that there must be something fishy. He might want something in return for you, so be careful when he is trying to be extra sweet for you.

Rules have been different for each one of you. On one hand you have your brother who can come home late at midnight, whereas on the other hand, you have to come home at 6. It is this difference in rules which irks you the most.

You and your brother have been fighting like hell all the time that it becomes simply impossible for you to think of a boyfriend. It somehow makes you feel that your relation with your boyfriend will be similar to the one you had with your brother.

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But despite all these and much more, you know that your brother has been the best man you have by your side. Your brother has always been the one who has been quite protective about you. He will come to help you out even at the most odd hours possible. Raksha Bandhan is the festival which celebrates the ceremonial bond that exist between the two of you. You can get online rakhi gifts for brother to make your brother feel special. You can even shop for something that he would like personalized gift options which will be both meaningful and thoughtful pick for all those wonderful times spent together. Get an online delivery of rakhi gift for brother which can be delivered at the time of your choice.

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