5 Natural Ingredients for your Organic Soap

Clean and healthy organic living doesn’t stop with just the food that you eat. Carefully monitoring the ingredients of your skin care products, including soap, can help you to raise your health and well being through the use of natural and organic additives. The natural vitamins and nutrients found in choice organic oils and other ingredients can help to soothe and strengthen your skin for an improved look and feel. Color and scent your homemade soaps with some of these safe and natural organic ingredients, and order silicone molds for soap today to give your wholesome creation a beautiful shape and a unique finished appearance.

5 Natural Ingredients for your Organic Soap


Possessing natural antibacterial and age-fighting properties, raw honey is a sweet treat that provides plenty of healthy antioxidants straight to your skin when you mix it into your soap. You can add the power of raw honey to glycerin or cold process soaps for a naturally cleansing and moisturizing boost to your homemade soap. Honey works to gently and naturally unclog pores and fight bacterial infection, and is great for treating acne flare-ups and other skin blemishes.


Organic oats contain naturally healthy fats, skin strengthening proteins, and gelatinous polysaccharides that form a protective layer on the skin and prevent flaky dryness. Adding oats to your soap provides a scrubbing texture, as well as deep and lasting natural moisture that helps keep your skin feeling healthy, protected and touchably soft. Just a few tablespoons in your soap mixture will go a long way towards keeping your finished product from being harsh or drying in any way.

Avocado Oil

In addition to being loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and age-fighting antioxidants, avocado oil is also rich in sterolin, a substance that studies have shown to soften skin and help reduce age spots. This powerhouse oil also contains plenty of lecithin and potassium, which are also necessary to maintain healthy, happy and radiant skin. Avocado oil is even great for your hair and scalp, and makes a healthy and delicious cooking oil in the kitchen. Adding some of this vegetable oil to you soap will help to nourish and soften skin, as well as clean and protect it.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is the pure vegetable fat extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, which grows in western Africa. This rich and powerful oil has been used for centuries to protect and perfect skin. Regular use of antioxidant rich Shea butter can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, protect the skin against UV rays, promote fresh collagen production, and even act as an anti-inflammatory to help heal acne blemishes and other skin conditions.


More than just a healthy breakfast snack, yogurt contains several vitamins and minerals that are great for soft and vibrant skin. The lactic acid found naturally in yogurt is an ingredient often found in skin care products and helps by exfoliating and moisturizing skin for a smooth glow. It can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used daily in your facial soap.

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