5 Memorable Gifts For Your Child’s First Birthday.

So your little baby is turning one. Why has the past year gone so fast? On the other hand, you cannot imagine your life without your little bundle of joy. There have been many tired nights and tears over the past year but, on this, the special milestone of their first birthday, you want to make sure it is memorable occasion.

Keepsake gifts

There is a large range of keepsake gifts available. Try the jewelers or specialty card or gift shops where you can purchase your child’s first diamond necklace, photo frames, first tooth fairy boxes or embroidered teddy bears commemorating their first birthday.

Hand Made Gifts

Be creative and gather photos of your child’s first year and make a photo collage to hang in their room. Make sure you use a broad of selection of cute ones, funny ones and milestone ones, like their food solid food and when they held their first toy.

Educational Toys

Toys, although conjuring up images of fun, also play a very important part in the development and education of your child. A simple ride on toy will encourage them to use their legs and promote muscle development. Even a little push pram will encourage them to take steps and gain their balance. There is also a range of educational toys that will help them develop their fine motor skills and encourage imagination through play. Children at one year old start developing rapidly, so just make sure it is an age appropriate toy.


As your child grows, reading is a very important part of their development. Over time, they will come to choose favorite books which they will want read again and again. This will lead to them memorizing the book, even before they can read. So, watch out when you are tired and skip a page! Your child will remind you of the part you have missed! This is the perfect age to start a collection of good quality entertaining books. As well as one good story book, add a small thick paged book which they can enjoy now, without having to worry about torn pages.

5 Memorable Gifts For Your Child's First Birthday.DVD or USB

Put together a slide show of their first year. Begin with photos of when you were pregnant, if you wish, and when they were born and the various stages of their growth up to one year old. This is a memorable gift that can be treasured when they are older. You will have an absolutely lovely sentimental time putting this gift together.

A first birthday present needs to be a memorable gift and it can sometimes be a difficult choice. Sending out your kids’ birthday invitations, you know full well they will receive enough clothes and toys, so selecting that one special gift is something you will have to give thought to.

Do some research online, talk to other mothers and you will have no trouble finding a gift that is uniquely suitable for your child. If you are genuinely stuck for ideas, why not open up their first bank account. This will start them on the path to saving and in the coming years, family and friends could contribute to it.

Tara has been a full-time writer for three years. Tara loves DIY art and craft. Her latest project is to hand make kids’ birthday invitations for her niece’s birthday. When Tara is not writing you will find her coaching at her local yoga studio.

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