Heart Diseases: The 5 Major Causes and How To Prevent Heart Failure.

Heart attacks in the last decade have been on the rise and most studies attribute it to the change of lifestyle. With the ease brought by technology and money, most people are living a sedentary lifestyle that has as one of its effects heart complications. The following tops the list in the heart disease factors. Learn what they do to your heart as well as use this information to keep your heart pumping well for many years to come.

1.       Type 2 diabetes

You can be born with the condition or you can acquire it. The acquired type is known as type two diabetes and occurs out of too much blood sugar. Blood sugar is necessary in your body and for your organs. It gives you the energy to do activities . After a run or fainting, you should take a good dose of blood sugar, to regain energy levels. In excess, it is the primary cause of diabetes.

One may have surplus blood sugar out of consuming too much junk or a sedentary lifestyle, which means the sugar, is not being put to use. Now imagine the harmful effects given that most people practice both.

Junk food makes one overweight, in addition to increased sugar levels in the blood. The fat builds up in the arteries causing high blood pressure and a myriad of heart diseases.

2.       Cholesterol

Heart Diseases: The 5 Major Causes and How To Prevent Heart Failure.You need to understand that cholesterol in itself is not bad for your health. It is actually beneficial for your body and health. Do not eliminate cholesterol from your diet but instead reduce the intake.

Cholesterol is used to generate essential vitamins, hormones and even the acids that digest fat. The problem occurs when you have more cholesterol than required in your body. The surplus gets deposited over time in the arteries in your body especially those closest to the heart. The deposit narrows the diameter of the arteries, which usually have higher pressure that the veins end up getting even higher pressure. With time to come, the arteries harden, causing chest pains and heart attacks

3.       The puff

The main substance causing heart disease through smoking is nicotine. This carcinogen gets into the blood and is absorbed. As the blood is pumped throughout the body, the nicotine develops and thickens resulting in blood clots. The nicotine and resulting blood clots get distributed throughout all body organs especially the heart, given that the blood is the vehicle in the body. Both the clots lead to heart attacks, heart failure and other heart diseases.

4.       Hypertension

Better known as high blood pressure, this causes hypertensive blood disease.  It is one of the very serious forms of heart disease and causes complications brought about by changes in the structure and systems of the heart. The result is heart failure that comes suddenly and is usually fatal.

5.       Lack of and too much stress

Stress is both good and bad for the heart. Physical stress such as that encountered during an activity or an active day at the office is actually good for your heart. Lack of such stress is what would cause complications.

On the other hand, emotional stress is harmful for your body not only the heart. Too many emotions such that is becomes stressful raises the adrenaline levels in the body. It causes thickening of the blood and the result is a myriad of coronary complications. Frequent emotional stress therefore, causes heart attack and failures.

Prevention measures

Most of the above factors are related, meaning their prevention is quite simple as one method may cure all. The following tips will keep your heart healthy and pumping

  • Frequent exercise

Increases physical stress, helps one to reduce weight and eliminate type two diabetes, consumes blood sugar and relieves the mind of stress. A proper exercise schedule is god for both your mind and body.

  • Keep away from fatty foods

These have high levels of cholesterol. Avoiding them will help your body maintain the proper cholesterol levels. Have a balanced diet with the necessary amounts of fat, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

  • Reduce smoking

Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and if possible stop completely. Consult with your doctor who will give you various solutions that will help you reduce and eventually stop. You can try an e-cig too.

  • Find peace

Get activities such as exercise, yoga, dancing, listening to music that make you happy and relieve you of emotional stress. The earlier in life you learn how to deal with emotional stress, the better!

Chad believes that the electronic cigarette is one good way you can ease your smoking craving and reduce the risk of heart complications.

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