5 Great Ways You Can Spice Things Up In The Bedroom.

Sex is an integral part of any healthy long-term relationship. Our attitudes towards what we do with our partner in the bedroom, and how often we do it, say a lot about how we really feel about them. It goes without saying that couples who have sex on a regular basis may find their relationship a more appreciative and fulfilling one – while those who aren’t that active in the bedroom may be having problems connecting intimately, or find themselves stuck in a sexual rut.

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it’s not unusual for sex feel like a regular, routine occurrence – a necessary chore that you both go through the motions in performing. But, no matter how long you’ve been together, intercourse should be an enjoyable experience, and when this happens, it means that you’ve lost sight of what sex is really about.

If you’re worried that you and your partner have hit a bit of a wall in the bedroom, then there are a number of things to can do to pep up your sex life and reinvigorate it.

Here are a handful of suggestions you might consider if your sex life needs a pinch of spice:

Role Play

This is particularly helpful if you and your partner know each other very well and find that your sex life is suffering from a sense of over-familiarity. Just for one night, be other people. You might think about a romantic film you both once enjoyed, and re-enact a chance encounter from it before going home to do the deed. Or, you could talk to each other about your fantasies, be it a man or woman in uniform or whatever you like, and assume these roles by dressing up. The important thing is to be open, honest and trusting with each other, so that you can re-enact whatever takes your fancy.

Invest in Some Lingerie

Ladies, no man in his right mind doesn’t appreciate a dash of naughty underwear now and then.

So why not pop to your local boutique and see if there’s anything which might get his engine roaring. Similarly, gents – if you want to give your lady a gift, you might try ordering something for her to wear (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, ordering something for yourself).

Change Your Location

Just doing it in one place can be comfortable, but it can also get boring very quickly. So why not experiment? Try it in a different room, or on a different piece of furniture besides your bed. Just make sure you lock the door so that no-one can walk in on you unexpectedly.

Sexy Talk

It might feel silly at first but once you’re used to it, dirty talk can make all the difference. Tell each other what you want to do to each other, and don’t just restrict it to the bedroom. Send each other messages throughout the day, so that you’re both pumped and ready to do it when you get home.

Go Again?

For many people, it’s easy to just do it once and then turn over and fall asleep. So, every once in a while, why not surprise each other? After you’ve done it once, try going again. The unexpected nature of it might even make it more enjoyable than the first time.

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