Drug & Alcohol Detoxing: 5 Things You Need To Know About it.

Detoxing is an extremely important step for anyone trying to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It helps the addicted person to rid their body of the harmful substances that has held them prisoner for many years. In order to move forward with any successful drug or alcohol addiction treatment program, you must first undergo a detoxification process.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and you are wanting to seek help to assist you in battling your addiction, understand that detoxification is going to have to be your first step in working to overcome your addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Detoxing: 5 Things You Need To Know About it.To help prepare you for this step of your recovery process, here are 5 things you need to know about drug & alcohol detoxing:

1. Detoxing is a necessary first step

There is no way to work towards sobriety without first ridding your body of the harmful substances of drugs and alcohol. One of the reasons why you are addicted to these substances is because they are extremely physically addictive. Detoxing helps to address those physical addictions.

Once you work to address the physical aspect of your addiction, ridding your body of these addictive substances, you are then ready to move forward with the other steps included in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Once the physical addictions are worked through, you can begin to address the emotional aspects of your addiction. By starting off with detoxing, you are able to spend the rest of your treatment working through other aspects of your addiction.

2. Detoxing helps to eliminate cravings

Detoxing is a necessary, extremely important part of addiction recovery. It helps to eliminate the toxins from your body, helping to eliminate cravings. With working to balance the physical cravings a person has for their additives substance, this helps the individual to be able to concentrate more fully moving forward on addressing their emotional addictions and dependencies on drugs or alcohol.

Not only does detoxing help to eliminate cravings now, but it also helps to eliminate cravings in the future. Drugs and alcohol are so physically addictive because of the harmful, addictive substances that are in them. After someone has been taking in drugs and alcohol for so long, these toxins can actually stay in their tissues for years. So you must eliminate the buildup of these toxins from your body completely in order to prevent these toxins from continuing to cause physical cravings for you in the future.

3. Toxins are a main cause for relapse

As we talked about in the previous point, there are toxins found in drugs and alcohol that make your body addicted to these substances. These toxins can stay in your body for years if they are not detoxed out properly. Many cases of relapse are caused by these toxins remaining in the addicted person’s body. These toxins can remain stagnant in a person’s body, coming to the surface after years of sobriety, causing unexpected relapses long after a person has undergone successful addiction treatment. These toxins must be properly and completely detoxed from the body in order to prevent them from resurfacing in the future.

4. You must have the right tools

It is never a good idea to try to go through drug or alcohol detoxification on your own. You must have the appropriate expertise to help you complete this process properly. Utilize the help and supervision of experienced medical professionals when undertaking your detox. An addiction treatment center will have the professionals that you will need for your detox.

On top of that, addiction treatment centers have other tools that can help to make your detoxification to be successful, and as painless as possible. Many treatment centers use saunas, as well as other methods, to help your body detox and cleanse itself quicker and easier.

Your supervising medical professional might even choose to use the assistance of certain prescriptions to help your body through the detox process. In very rare cases of extreme addiction and withdrawals, a patient might even need to be tranquilized in order to prevent seizures caused by extreme withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes these withdrawal symptoms can be eased by the use of more holistic approaches. Again, this just means that it is important to seek out appropriate, experienced professional help for your detox.

5. It is worth it

While some of this may sound scary, just remind yourself that it is worth it! By seeking out the help of qualified professionals at a drug or alcohol rehab clinic, they will be able to ease as much of the symptoms of your detox as possible, making your detox as safe and comfortable as possible. They will also be able to help you successfully move forward after your detoxing on to the other steps of successful drug or alcohol treatment.

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