5 Conditions Blepharoplasty Can Treat

Do you often find that you still look sleepy after getting a full night’s rest? Do you struggle to see sometimes because of your eyelids being so droopy? Not only is this frustrating, but it can affect your appearance. Regardless of whether you are simply looking to change your appearance, or you are suffering from a functional problem, blepharoplasty can help. One simple surgery can rejuvenate your appearance and leave you looking years younger than before. Discover the different problems this one surgery can correct.

Sagging or Loose Skin

Do you have a bunch of sagging or loose skin causing sagging or folds in your eyelids? Is it getting in the way of a youthful and vibrant appearance? Are you struggling to see because of the excess skin? If so, you might be an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery. The excess skin is removed to leave you with an appearance that is more natural and younger looking.


Excess Fatty Deposits

If you have a bunch of excess fat in your eyelids, it can cause your eyes to appear puffy. All too often, many people attribute this puffiness as a sign of being tired and not getting enough sleep. The excess fat pools around your eyes and creates a puffy appearance that makes you look sleepy and older.


Have you ever noticedbags beneath your eyes? Even if you haven’t had the bags, you probably know someone who has. Many people assume the bags are just a sign of stress and needing more rest, but that isn’t always the case. They can often be a sign that you need to have surgery to help eliminate the bags and restore your appearance.

Fine Wrinkles and Excess Skin

How many times do you think about your lower eyelid? Probably not that much. Your upper eyelids are the ones that you see all the time. For women, the upper lid is the point of focus. However, the lower eyelid can end up being plagued by fine wrinkles and excess skin, leaving you with an unsightly appearance. Instead of dealing with the excess skin and fine lines, you can have eyelid surgery to correct the problem.

Drooping Lower Lids

When you look in the mirror at your eyes, you don’t expect to see a bunch of white showing below your iris. If you do, that often means you are dealing with a drooping lower lid that needs to be corrected. With eyelid surgery, the defect can be corrected to leave you with the appearance you desire, while minimizing the appearance of the white in your eyes.

For some people, they opt to have surgery on both their upper and lower eyelids at the same time. Depending on your individual situation, you might only need to have surgery done on one lid. By taking the time to speak with a certified plastic surgeon, you can come up with a plan that is going to work the best for you, while correcting any issues you might have with your appearance and vision.

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