5 Common Causes Of Tanning White Spots.

White spots from tanning beds can be a big concern for many people. White spots on your skin after a number of visits to the tanning bed are a common feature.

The spots are confusing symptoms that may be caused by various factors.

Common Causes

There are various reasons why people get white spots on their skins after visiting the tanning booth. Research has uncovered many factors that may cause white spots on your skin. Here are some of the most common reasons for white spots after tanning.


Tanning booths are breeding grounds for disease-causing micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. States have different sanitation procedures for tanning booths. However, the proper implementation of the procedures varies from one establishment to another.

The most common cause of white spots is the presence of a skin fungus in tanning booths. It is an fact that fungal infection may occur when body fungus is transmitted from one person to another once the body is exposed to infected surfaces. The conditions in tanning booths including sweat, humidity and moisture are suitable for the successful growth and development of fungus.

The fungus grows exponentially especially when the lights in the tanning booths are turned off. Research indicates that certain skin fungus can live on the skin for an indefinite amount of time. This disables the skin’s ability to tan on the infected areas. Although the presence of fungus on tanning booths is still a theory, it is one reason many people are wary of tanning booths. Visit a technician if you have a fungal skin infection for proper diagnosis and treatment.


Another common reason for white spots after visiting the tanning booth is linked to genetic factors. Many researchers believe frequent exposure to different UV rays, whether from the sun or tanning booth, may lead to the development of immunity to the sun’s rays. The immunity is attributed to the lack of melanin in skin cells.

5 Common Causes Of Tanning White Spots.Skin Sensitivity

White spots on skin after tanning may be attributed to skin sensitivity. Some medications heighten the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays. An example of such medications includes birth control pills. It is advisable to speak with your physician before filling or requesting medication. Research the side effects of prescribed medication and effects of UV exposure while on the medication.


Scar tissue exposure to UV rays may cause white spots to develop around the scar tissue area. Scar tissue is devoid of melanin; therefore, the skin around the scar tissue cannot tan. Permanently scarred skin caused by small cuts, insect bites and scars caused by surgical procedures will have white spots because such areas lack melanin.


White spots may be irritating but are not indicators of serious underlying problems. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of the white spots present after tanning to reduce their appearance.

– Bronzers: Apply bronzers directly on the white spots to disguise their appearance. This will disguise the white spots temporarily.

– Self-Tanning Creams: Applying self-tanning creams will help hide white spots as well as other skin abnormalities. Self-tanning creams are useful for covering up tan lines and white spots.

– Airbrush Tanning: This is one of the best options for those who seek a bronzed glow without using self-tanning products. Airbrush tanning ensures even application of self-tanners, which helps cover up white spots.

Tanning Risks

There are numerous risks associated with tanning beds. Besides the common risks of white spots on your skin, tanning booths have been associated with skin cancer due to exposure to UV rays.

There are many self-tanning and bronzing products that are just as attractive and carry zero risks for unsightly or life threatening side effects.





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