5 Brilliant, Little Known Uses For Botox.

Dubbed as the holy grail of anti-aging, Botox or botulinum toxin is one of the most sought-after beauty treatments today because of its amazing wrinkle-erasing capabilities. Many celebrities swear by it and beauty conscious individuals line up at skin clinics to give it a shot.

Thus, it’s no surprise why Botox has become synonymous with having a wrinkle-free and youthful appearance. But doctors know there’s so much more to Botox than just being a wrinkle-freezer – this powerful injectable is also used in other procedures to treat a variety of medical conditions.

5 Brilliant, Little Known Uses For Botox.License: Creative Commons image source

Here are some of the brilliant, yet little known uses, for Botox today:

Ease migraine

Migraine can be debilitating for chronic sufferers, seriously affecting their behaviour and quality of life. Because there is still no standard treatment for this neurological disease, patients often rely on painkillers and other medicines to ease symptoms. However, some medications only show effectiveness for a time. Botox injections, however, have been proven to provide long-lasting results for the prevention and reduction of chronic migraine symptoms. In fact, Botox, which is manufactured by Allergan Inc., has received FDA approval for the preventive treatment of chronic migraine. It’s injected in key areas such as the temples, forehead and neck to significantly minimize the severity and symptoms of migraine.

Fix gummy smiles

Gummy smiles, or excessive gingival display, often make people self-conscious and embarrassed when they flash their pearly whites. But this shouldn’t be the case anymore. With Botox, it’s possible to fix gummy smiles in minutes and be more confident about oneself. This can be done by injecting Botox into the upper lip to relax the muscles and avoid it from raising as high, resulting to a balanced and brighter smile.

Treat overactive bladders

For those with overactive bladders or suffering from the condition known as urinary incontinence, Botox may be the miracle medicine you’ve been waiting for. Like other procedures, it is injected into the muscles to relax them, and blocks the chemicals that stimulate unwanted muscle contractions to treat and alleviate incontinence. It’s only suitable for patients 18 years old and older.

Correct misaligned eyes

Before Botox was lauded for its fantastic facial rejuvenation effects, this injectable was actually first used for therapeutic purposes – primarily to correct crossed eyes, or medically termed as strabismus. The drug was developed by San Francisco ophthalmologist, Dr. Alan Scott, and was designed to weaken the muscles that caused the crossing. It was successfully administered to a patient in 1980, and is still used until now.

Control excessive sweating

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis may sound foreign or even trivial to some. But for the unlucky few who have to struggle with this embarrassing condition day in and day out, hyperhidrosis can be just as distressing as other skin conditions like acne. Excessive sweating from the underarms to the palms and feet can be troubling and can interfere with one’s everyday life. But thankfully, with Botox, relief can be just one shot away. Botox has been approved by the FDA, since 2004, as a treatment for severe underarm sweating. It is injected into the affected area and works by temporarily blocking the chemicals that trigger the sweat glands to reduce excessive perspiration.  Botox injections can provide excellent results, often lasting for up to 6 to 8 months.

Botox may not provide permanent solutions, but it clearly is one of the most wonderful and powerful discoveries that people can take advantage of today. Thus, to make sure that you are making the most out of it, make sure to request a consultation first before seeking any Botox treatment, whether for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, from reputable clinics or licensed medical professionals only.






By Debra Wright

Debra Wright keeps tabs on all things new in the world of skin care. Aside from using this information in her current line of work, she seeks to help and inspire others by writing about her newest discoveries. Keep tabs on Debra @debrawrites

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