4 Tips on Picking the Perfect Party Dress

As a rule, the perfect go-to outfit for a party is a dress. It’s comfortable and simple, easy to pair with bags and shoes, perfect for flaunting jewelry and it requires minimal effort that can be directed towards other things, like doing your hair or your makeup.

The real problem is figuring out which dress to wear. You’ve probably got an entire closet filled with them, so how do you know which is the right choice for the upcoming party?

Whether you’re going shopping for dresses online from the vast array of variety in your own wardrobe, it can seem a little overwhelming.

Here’s a guide to the four different types of dresses you can choose from and the benefits of each.

4 Tips on Picking the Perfect Party Dress

  1. The Not-A-Dress

Playsuits are perfect for when you know things are going to get rowdy and you don’t want to risk flashing the crowd. They look like a dress on the outside, but instead of a skirt you’ll find pants that vaguely resemble a skirt. This is a great look on short notice or if you’re most concerned about staying comfortable throughout the night.

You can also rely on playsuits for when you want to go especially short with your dress. Show off those legs without having to shimmy your outfit into place repeatedly throughout the night.

  1. The Long Beauty

Maxi dresses sweep down to your ankles for a more elegant appearance. If you want to look sophisticated, this is the choice for the night, paired with gorgeous heels and some sparkling jewelry.

For a party with a sit down dinner or glasses of wine, showpo dresses are the perfect choice. They’re just the right amount of dressy without being too casual or over-the-top.

  1. The Go-To Casual

From flowy and loose to a halter with a skirt, there’s no way to go wrong when you choose your usual go-to dress for casual wear. If you’re going out to have fun, shouldn’t you want to dress in your all-time favorite?

Everyone has a dress that makes them look and feel amazing—this is the time to break it out and flaunt it in front of your friends.

This look works for house parties and birthday parties, even holiday parties as long as the design isn’t too odd! Trust your go-to dress especially at family parties, where you’ll already be scrutinized for everything else. At least look nice enough in your dress that your relatives will keep their opinions to themselves.

  1. The Tight and Sexy

Last but certainly not least, there’s the tight, sexy dress, the one you keep in your closet for only the most special occasions. Are you looking to catch the eye of a handsome stranger at your party? Then this is the choice for you!

This is the one is for the parties you never want to forget. Grab your sexiest dress and hit the town, ladies, it’s time to live it up!

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